Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Ready for New Home

He's just six and half weeks old, no bigger than half this lady's foot, and he's hopped right in her purse... ready to go to his new family. He will stay with us another couple of weeks, to learn and play with all his Yorkie family here. I'm gonna miss this one!

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Sunday, July 22, 2007

Surprise, Surprise

Okay, so I have a houseful of Yorkies, one is a little 5 week old. They don't get any cuter than this...

Or, do they...?

My son knocks on my bedroom door at midnight, last Friday night. I opened my door to find all snuggled in his arms...

I was madder than a hornet! We have a houseful of Yorkies and he brings home a 6 week old, Golden Retriever! A beautiful Golden Retriever, but it's a Golden Retriever! I told my son he had until Sunday to move out!

Don't get me wrong, I love dogs, and Goldens are one of my favorite breeds. We used to have two Goldens when my daughter was a baby. It's just I worry about these little dogs with a big dog in the house. And no, he's not big yet, but he will be in time.

By the next morning, I had changed my tune a bit. No, I'm still not happy, but what's another dog? Okay. But, my son needs to take this dog with him EVERYWHERE! And, take care of him. My son and his girlfriend named the newest member of our house, Tai.

It's been a week. I have become the grandmother to one, Tai. God, help me.

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