Sunday, April 24, 2005

Four Weeks Old

The girls will be four weeks old in the morning. They are growing so fast!

Today, my guy's Mom came from Twin Falls, Idaho, to see the puppies for the first time. She absolutely loved them! One of our highlights this afternoon was doggie bath time! We had a good visit, a great dinner together, and she plans to come back in a couple of weeks to see the puppies again. They should be real fuzzy by then.
My Mom met with the Oncologist for the first time, last week. In the morning, my Mom will have surgery again. This time, to insert tubes near her collar bone to enable the chemotherapy drugs to enter her body. The Oncologist gave her some percentages on life, last week. Without any further treatment, she had a 55% survival rate. With chemo, another 5%. Then add radiation, another 15%. After this, add oral cancer killing drugs, her chances go up to 85% survival rate. This is something my Mom will fight for. So, the road ahead may be a tough one, but it's a trip she plans to take. I will be along for the ride.