Sunday, April 24, 2005

Four Weeks Old

The girls will be four weeks old in the morning. They are growing so fast!

Today, my guy's Mom came from Twin Falls, Idaho, to see the puppies for the first time. She absolutely loved them! One of our highlights this afternoon was doggie bath time! We had a good visit, a great dinner together, and she plans to come back in a couple of weeks to see the puppies again. They should be real fuzzy by then.
My Mom met with the Oncologist for the first time, last week. In the morning, my Mom will have surgery again. This time, to insert tubes near her collar bone to enable the chemotherapy drugs to enter her body. The Oncologist gave her some percentages on life, last week. Without any further treatment, she had a 55% survival rate. With chemo, another 5%. Then add radiation, another 15%. After this, add oral cancer killing drugs, her chances go up to 85% survival rate. This is something my Mom will fight for. So, the road ahead may be a tough one, but it's a trip she plans to take. I will be along for the ride.


marlene said...

Your puppies are so precious. So is your mom, God love her. Brave lady. My thoughts and prayers are with her, there is so much more they can do these days than years past, isn't that woderful.

God Bless....Marlene-PurelyPoetry
Comment from mkolasa101 - 4/24/05 10:25 PM

trishaham said...

The puppies are sooo cute! I wish I could hold one.

I am still praying for your Mom.
God Love,
Comment from trishaham - 4/24/05 10:38 PM

becky said...

They are getting cuter and cuter! Best wishes for a speedy recovery for your Mom!
Comment from ryanagi - 4/24/05 11:29 PM

hope4meeeee said...

they are sooooooooooooooooooooo cute love them
Comment from hope4meeeee - 4/25/05 2:07 AM

kat said...

Your puppies are just adorable. I'm loving watching them change each week.

You and your mother have a rough path ahead. I'm praying that all goes well and she finds her way back to health. I can imagine how scared you both are. The numbers show she CAN get through this....and I know you'll be right there to help her.
Comment from sunflowerkat321 - 4/25/05 4:12 AM

dornbrau said...

Wow, those are some odds worth fighting for. I'm glad you are able to support your mom. There are so many people who must face this demon alone.
I'll bet its hard to let the little ones go isn't it?
Comment from dornbrau - 4/25/05 7:13 AM

linda said...

my prayers are with your mom...i understand how u are in the same boat with my mom...its so painful....we just want them well...

as for the puppies...they are getting cuter with each picture u share with us! are u keeping any of them or selling them all? id keep them all LOL

i hope all goes well this morning with your moms procedure...i will be thinking of her this morning...hope the day goes well...

Comment from lindainspokane - 4/25/05 8:35 AM

tc01hm said...

I sure hope your mom gets to keep a puppy!
Wish her and you the best!
Comment from tc01hm - 4/25/05 9:44 AM

jae said...

Those percentages are really great. I am glad she is feeling hopeful, and ready and willing to tackle her illness with all the treatments available to her...tell her she can do it! JAE
Comment from yakima127 - 4/25/05 9:53 AM

sylvia said...

Thinking of your mum and wish her every success. Also thinking of you at this stressful time and sending hugs for you both.
Comment from sylviam4000 - 4/25/05 2:35 PM

astaryth said...

The puppies just get cuter and cuter! Wishing your Mom luck! Those are good odds and worth fighting for!
Comment from astaryth - 4/25/05 3:04 PM

sonya said...

Oh, I'm sure they are so much fun to hang around. I see Lily is sold. I love Sadie, but I can't have her. She looks so cute. Anyway Tugie would be mad.
I will pray for your mother, and for you too. It's tough to sit and have to hear and then ponder survival rates. I know she is glad and proud to have you by her side through all of this.
Comment from bookncoffee - 4/25/05 7:09 PM

oceanmrc said...

I just found your comment to an older entry of mine (Beach). Thanks for visiting and good luck to your mom. IF you've been reading my journal at all, you know that my stepmother's odds were much worse than the oppposite -- but I do understand the battle your mom is facing ~ and all of you, for that matter.
Comment from oceanmrc - 4/26/05 2:57 PM

sue said...

and don't forget puppies.... animals seem to increase healing and people's general health. Sending prayers for your mom.
Comment from sieblonde - 4/26/05 4:34 PM

nettie said...

wow, they're getting bigger every day! too cute! our puppy was just 7 months and is already over 50 lbs!! love your pups :-)

Comment from cneinhorn - 4/27/05 8:18 AM

nettie said...

PS my thoughts are with your mom....
Comment from cneinhorn - 4/27/05 8:18 AM

dona said...

Oh, I got my puppy fix now!!! They are growing and oh so cute. :)
I've been down the cancer road with a family member, and I honestly believe a positive attitude makes a huge difference. It gave my father three extra years. And we packed a lot into those three years.
Comment from delela1 - 4/28/05 7:00 PM

monica said...

OMGosh - they just continue to get MORE adorable! I LOVE them.


Comment from sonensmilinmon - 4/29/05 4:13 AM

gabreael said...

Too cute!
Comment from gabreaelinfo - 4/29/05 2:18 PM

judi said...

lots of love to you all. judi
Comment from judithheartsong - 4/30/05 10:40 AM

kokoapuffy1 said...

LOL! Your girls are cuter, and growing fast. I am sorry to hear about you Mom. It's really hard to watch someone you love, go through the treatments. Hope her surgery went well. Take care.
Comment from kokoapuffy1 - 5/2/05 9:58 AM

lavpits said...

They are soo cute.I hope you find good homes for them!I'm sorry to hear about your mom....I hope everything works out for you.

Peace Out!
Comment from lavpits - 5/3/05 7:22 PM

cste609371 said...

I have a little yorkie Lille, she just turned 1 my 12 year old has been chasing here about- 1 st heat, I may be having puppies in no tiome too, lolololol...

Comment from cste609371 - 5/4/05 10:27 AM