Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Absolute Wonderful Time

My visit to Southern California to see my daughter, was absolutely wonderful. My daughter and I had some much needed "us time." We had a great time together! For me, it was comforting, healing and relaxing.

From the time I arrived on a Thursday at noon, until the time I left, early Monday afternoon, we were on the go! My daughter is now living in Santa Monica, CA, and took me on a little tour of her new town. I had told my her I didn't care what we did together as long as I got to go to the beach while I was there.

I have tried to write this entry so many times, and I just can't get the words the way I want them. So, I will just add a few slideshows to share my experience in Southern California.

*** Please see the previous few entries of slideshows (5 of them) just below... scroll through the individual entries; **The Bungalow, **Venice Beach, **Santa Monica, **Beverly Hills, Hollywood, Malibu, and Venice, and finally **Touring Venice.


The Bungalow... daughter was a bit skeptical about staying in the Bungalow. She felt it would be better at the hotel around the corner from her apartment in Santa Monica. I just didn't want to be in a room with people walking the halls at all hours and elevator noise. I wanted room to relax! Once she saw the Bungalow, she wanted to live there! It was really nice; cute, cozy and quiet.

Day 1 ~ Venice Beach

...after settling in at the Bungalow, we decided to hit the beach! The Venice Pier was just a couple of blocks away. We must have spent an hour out there on the pier in the salt air and wind. It was refreshing! Later, my daughter's boyfriend met up with us for dinner out.

Day 2 ~ Santa Monica

...ahh! I got to sleep in! No alarms, no dogs... just quiet! I enjoyed a quiet morning of coffee and internet while listening to my favorite morning show on t.v. My daughter called as she made her way over the Bungalow, we had plans of getting our toenails done! Old Santa Monica is so quaint. We found just what we were looking for in a pedicure and then hit the Santa Monica Pier. We spent all day in Santa Monica, what a goregous day.

Day 3 ~ Beverly Hills, Hollywood, Malibu, Venice guy arrived in the Los Angeles basin that Friday night. He rented a car and drove 50 miles to find me in Venice. We spent all day Saturday together, having dinner at a great Italian diner on Venice Beach, before he had to leave again. I'm so glad he was able to spend some time with me while I was there.

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Having a Great Time

I am having a wonderful time, here in Venice, California! I'm so glad I rented my little guest house instead of a hotel room. I honestly didn't know these existed, I guess I never really thought about it. And being here, I do not think I'll rent a hotel room again for a long stay anywhere, without checking if there's a vacation rental first. This is just perfect for me.

More photos, later... Venice, Santa Monica, Malibu!

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Getting Excited

Okay, I'm getting really excited! In just five days, I leave on a jet plane to visit with my daughter in southern California!

I rented this cute little guest house in Venice, California, just a mile from the beach.

It should be nice and quiet there, away from elevators and hotel neighbors coming in at all hours of the night. This place comes completely furnished and ready for a long weekend with all the amenities of home... cable tv, wifi, kitchen, etc. And, the price was cheaper than hotels in the area. I'm so excited!

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Something New

I finally did it, I got a laptop! I had my reservations, I had limited funds, and I had a dream to be online when I travel. It's a "baby laptop" as my guy calls it, because it's small. It's just my size!

I've played with both my guy's and my son's laptops, and I always felt way out of control with them. Sitting on the couch, trying to maneuver their laptops was difficult. This new laptop fits comfortably in my lap. I love it! But, at this point, I do not see me giving up my desktop. My guy thinks if I give the laptop time, I'll find myself on it more and more.

Fur babies update, Bentley had his first hair cut last week. He's 6 months old now (wow, I didn't realize he's 6 months old until I counted just now,) and what a character! I need to get some new photos of him to share with you all. Bentley loves to fetch and play tug of war.

Work. Boy, can I say an office full of women can be so fun! Not! Some days, the women working for me can be so damned catty. What is it about women stabbing other women in the back? It's unbelievable the "balls" some of these girls have.

Today, one of my billers came in and started verbally attacking my gal who places all the office supplies. We were out of wite-out and all the billers were trying to get their patient statements out in the mail. Seems some of their accounts are not accurately built in the system causing their statements to print out incorrectly. Hence, the reason for wite-out.

Anyway, I had to tell the one gal, "ENOUGH!" when she would not take, "Sorry, I had trouble ordering new wite-out, it'll be here tomorrow," from my order gal. Seems, another biller may have been an instigator in the whole situtation. Later, I got a "Thank you for stopping the "nasties" from the irrate biller" from my order gal. I cannot believe how petty these girls can be.