Thursday, July 27, 2006


I hope it's not true, I really hope it's not! My computer crashed last weekend, hard! We think the hard drive is gone, along with all, well, a lot of my photos! I know better than not to have a backup done... ARGH!!! We are hoping to restore the photos off that hard drive.

My guy has let me borrow his laptop, which he really needs while out on the road, but he let me borrow it this week. Thank you! I've been working so much at work and at home, I haven't had much time to use his laptop, but the weekend is coming...... Please send all your positive thoughts my way, in hopes that I haven't lost my photos. Thank you, all.

Today's my exhusband's birthday... I made sure to remind my kids to call their dad to wish him a happy birthday. We've been divorced for 10 years, it's funny how you don't really forget certain things.

Today's also my parents' wedding anniversary. They're up in this gorgeous little town, that's become much too popular in recent years, enjoying themselves, lounging around in that clear mountain air.

I didn't know the name of my most favorite bridge (ya, I like bridges).... Along Hwy 55, between Smith's Ferry and the top of the mountain is a single arched, concrete bridge over the Payette River. A few weeks ago it was reported that they found the original blue prints and they have started restoring this old beauty to it's original specifications.

I'm rambling here, I have been looking through old entries to find photos and came across this one... Rainbow Bridge, just above Smith's Ferry, Idaho, on Hwy 55. I think of Harley now, everytime I see this bridge, and know he's fine, he's across that Rainbow Bridge in the sky. Yes, I'm rambling, I need to get to bed. LOL

Sunday, July 16, 2006


My guy's Mom came to visit her "grand-puppies" this weekend. She went home today, like most grandmothers, full of photo evidence of her beautiful grand-puppies. I wouldn't be surprised if she had a brag book to show them in.

The puppies were two weeks old Friday. Saturday morning we found they had just started opening their tiny little eyes. They are such snugglers. Oh! Puppy breath is starting!

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Before Anymore Time Goes By

So much has been going on around here, but I cannot wait any longer to post these...

One Day Old ~ July 1, 2006
Our Little Miss Molly had a litter of puppies on Friday, June 30th. These little guys weighed in at only 3.75 oz., 4.25 oz., and 5.13 oz. All are doing well, gaining weight and growing like weeds. Above, from left to right, is little boy, little girl, and big boy.
One Week Old ~ July 10, 2006
I can't wait until their little eyes open and they start romping around. Puppies are so much fun. From left to right, Big Boy, Little Boy, and Girl. And yes, these babies will be going to their new families at the end of August.

One Proud Momma

May 19, 2006
My son received a set of drums for Christmas a couple of years ago. Lessons followed for a year before he felt he didn't need lessons any longer. On this night in May, he and his band played at the Relay for Life benefit in our town. This was the first time I was able to hear him play his drums with his band. I was pretty impressed! I hadn't even heard him practice at home before... I am at work long hours and I have asked him to keep it down after a certain hour so the neighbors won't complain. He did an excellent job at the Relay for Life benefit!

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Monday, July 10, 2006

South Central Idaho

May 9, 2006
In search of blooming camas flowers, we took a day trip up Idaho's Hwy 20 into south central Idaho. We were about a week early to find the valley full of blue camas. Actually, our spring temperatures came so late this year, the flowers were late. We intended to make it back the next week to see the valley in full camas bloom and didn't make. It sure was pretty there, even without the camas blooms.