Sunday, April 23, 2006


This is Stitch.

Stitch is a yellow lab, and he lives next door. Seems as the weather gets warmer, his owners put him outside in their yard, earlier and longer. Last summer, I had to ask his owner to move Stitch's dog house away from our mutual fence as he was standing with his paws on the top of the six foot fence, peeking over at my Yorkies.

The neighbors pulled Stitch's dog house up to their house, about eight feet away from the fence. So, Stitch is still able to get ontop of his dog house and peek onto our patio, though I do not believe he can jump the fence from there.

Below is what I wake up to most weekends when I'm trying to get in a few extra zzz's. Stitch, howling away!

Wednesday, April 19, 2006


The sun showed it's face yesterday and today, for the first time in I can't remember how long! Seems we have had rain, rain, rain, for weeks now. Our dams and rivers are nearly 100% full. And this weekend, it's supposed to rain again. With 150% snow pack in the mountains around this part of the state, and warm weather, the water is rising everywhere. It's supposed to get into the 70's tomorrow. So, people who live along the rivers need to be on watch for flooding later this week. My parents live near the Boise River. Their home was built along a large pond off the river. They'll be on pins and needles until the weather simmers down some.

Sunday, April 16, 2006


Last spring we had our first litter of Yorkie puppies. When the puppies were about four weeks old, I started taking Peanut and Rodney with me on some of my weekend outings.

Peanut and Rodney were almost a year old then, and just as cute as could be. I knew they would attract people; people would want to stop and pet them, and ask me all about them. If they were interested, I would share with these people that I had puppies for sale at home.

"Lily" was my first puppy sale. Her new family would come by the house several times a week, for another four weeks until the puppies were eight weeks old and ready to go to their new homes.

Lily went home with her new family, a couple with four kids. I felt really good about this family, they were attentive, sincere, and seemed to be good people.

We have never heard from them again.

I need to tell you, all of my other puppy families have kept in touch, sending me photos of their puppy as it's grown throughout the year. At first, I didn't worry about the "no contact" from Lily's family. Then, my mind started to wander. I thought maybe something terrible happened, Lily got away, or worse. I sent a couple of emails during this last year, and never received any responses from Lily's family. Hmm... I hoped Lily was okay.

Last weekend, my guy and I traveled to Twins Falls, Idaho, to visit with his family. I wanted to go to Shoshone Falls and see if the falls were flowing. I brought my camera. As I was walking down the steps to the look out area, this lady started screaming, "...OMG!!...It's them!" She was getting really excited. I looked behind me on the steps, no one was in front of me except this crazy lady, and I thought she was talking to someone behind me. No one was behind me either. About then, I noticed the dog in her arms...

It's Lily! Lily is as spoiled as the rest of my puppies and just as cute! I couldn't believe it. Here we were, more than two hours from home and we run into these folks. AND, I had my camera with me!