Sunday, January 08, 2012

Once Again, Where Does the Time Go?

I just read my previous post.... posted more than a year ago!  In September 2010, and we were expecting another grandchild and hoping for a 01.11.11 date of birth.................

Our little guy will be 1 year old this week on Wednesday....  January 11, 2012!  Yep, he came naturally on 01.11.11 and get this, at 11:11am!  Our little guy made the local news, then national news, and finally went viral around the world, for all those ones in his little birth date and his daddy being there via Skype during his tour of duty in Iraq.  If that wasn't enough excitement... our little guy joined a big sister who was born on 09.09.09!

Of course, this Gramma could not be prouder.

A year later, daddy(my son) is home safely from Iraq, babies are growing like weeds.