Sunday, April 23, 2006


This is Stitch.

Stitch is a yellow lab, and he lives next door. Seems as the weather gets warmer, his owners put him outside in their yard, earlier and longer. Last summer, I had to ask his owner to move Stitch's dog house away from our mutual fence as he was standing with his paws on the top of the six foot fence, peeking over at my Yorkies.

The neighbors pulled Stitch's dog house up to their house, about eight feet away from the fence. So, Stitch is still able to get ontop of his dog house and peek onto our patio, though I do not believe he can jump the fence from there.

Below is what I wake up to most weekends when I'm trying to get in a few extra zzz's. Stitch, howling away!


Kelly said...

He looks like he's having fun :-), I'm guessing he KNOWS when you're trying to sleep in >giggle<

Celeste said...

I love pets...but that would just be too much...geeez! ;) C.

sunflowerkat said...

I can just imagine what a nightmare this is for you. But as a retriever owner, I also really feel bad for Stitch. It's clear to me....he's wanting to be a part of YOUR pack.

I know it's annoying....but it's also DARNED cute.

Ari said...

Awww, Stitch just wants to play, hehe. How cute! Sorry he wakes you up.


Carolyn said...

WE have a chocolate Lab next door that does the smae thing!! LOL


tess said...

This is too much! Nothing like a Lab for persistence. Great pics!

Anonymous said...

LOL - I feel your pain about waking up to Stitch. I honestly think he wants to join your fun gang. He's feeling left out! Poor baby .. this from a lab mix owner. LOVE the pictures.


Bedazzzled1 said...

Geez, I feel so sad for Stitch. He must not get any attention from his owners. That upsets me. He is lonely.

I realize his howling has to be annoying to you. It would grate on my nerves to be awakened in that manner. I feel for you.

There doesn't seem to be much of a solution to the problem, does there? I wish the owners would get him a playmate or play with him themselves.

Dona said...

Hmmm, Stitch seems to have the itch to play with you. As a lab owner I sympathize completely with you. :)

Anna said...

He really is a CUTE pup! but I'm sure you are tired of him peeping all the time, and the howling would HAVE to STOP! lol

Hope you blog again soon!!! It's been a month since your last post. (yep, I noticed)


Anonymous said...

ohwow! that is super!!!! netti