Thursday, July 27, 2006


I hope it's not true, I really hope it's not! My computer crashed last weekend, hard! We think the hard drive is gone, along with all, well, a lot of my photos! I know better than not to have a backup done... ARGH!!! We are hoping to restore the photos off that hard drive.

My guy has let me borrow his laptop, which he really needs while out on the road, but he let me borrow it this week. Thank you! I've been working so much at work and at home, I haven't had much time to use his laptop, but the weekend is coming...... Please send all your positive thoughts my way, in hopes that I haven't lost my photos. Thank you, all.

Today's my exhusband's birthday... I made sure to remind my kids to call their dad to wish him a happy birthday. We've been divorced for 10 years, it's funny how you don't really forget certain things.

Today's also my parents' wedding anniversary. They're up in this gorgeous little town, that's become much too popular in recent years, enjoying themselves, lounging around in that clear mountain air.

I didn't know the name of my most favorite bridge (ya, I like bridges).... Along Hwy 55, between Smith's Ferry and the top of the mountain is a single arched, concrete bridge over the Payette River. A few weeks ago it was reported that they found the original blue prints and they have started restoring this old beauty to it's original specifications.

I'm rambling here, I have been looking through old entries to find photos and came across this one... Rainbow Bridge, just above Smith's Ferry, Idaho, on Hwy 55. I think of Harley now, everytime I see this bridge, and know he's fine, he's across that Rainbow Bridge in the sky. Yes, I'm rambling, I need to get to bed. LOL


bookncoffee said...

Oh no. I sure hope you get the photos back.
Good luck.
Miss hearing from you in your journals.

Donna said...

I went through the same horror recently: crashed computer, 2 years of pictures not backed up, plus lots of music and stuff I've written. Thank GOD it was the processor that quit, and I got all my stuff onto my new computer. So, you'd think I'm backing up all my pictures now, wouldn't you? Nope, I keep putting it off.

Man, I gotta start doing that!

Astaryth said...

Eeeeek! Crashed computer BAD! Hope you are able to get all of your stuff off of the old drive and onto a new one.

Becky said...

Oh lordy, I hope you didn't lose your files. Do a Google search on "Data Recovery". There are companies that specialize in getting stuff off crashed drives. Back when I was in tech support, I used a few different companies and had really good luck getting stuff back for my clients.

Betty said...

Very pretty image. I can see why you like this one.

~~Kath~~ said...

I hope you don't lose all your pictures.... but you've reminded me to back up my own! Love the picture of the bridge

dee said...

Sorry about your computer. I hope you can retrieve your pics. The bridge is gorgeous.
AOL bloggers are doing a postcard exchange. E-mail me if you want one from my hometown. Hugs.