Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Absolute Wonderful Time

My visit to Southern California to see my daughter, was absolutely wonderful. My daughter and I had some much needed "us time." We had a great time together! For me, it was comforting, healing and relaxing.

From the time I arrived on a Thursday at noon, until the time I left, early Monday afternoon, we were on the go! My daughter is now living in Santa Monica, CA, and took me on a little tour of her new town. I had told my her I didn't care what we did together as long as I got to go to the beach while I was there.

I have tried to write this entry so many times, and I just can't get the words the way I want them. So, I will just add a few slideshows to share my experience in Southern California.

*** Please see the previous few entries of slideshows (5 of them) just below... scroll through the individual entries; **The Bungalow, **Venice Beach, **Santa Monica, **Beverly Hills, Hollywood, Malibu, and Venice, and finally **Touring Venice.


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