Sunday, March 06, 2005

How Cute is Peanut...

Peanut... will be six months old Tuesday. I hope I am not boring you all with my furbabies. Peanut is just so special, and he's doing so well! He's amazing! And, his little personality is precious!

It's hard to believe this little guy had water on his brain so severe that the pressure of all that swelling caused him to be blind. When he was just six weeks old, we took him to the vet. The tests revealed the severity of his condition. I felt helpless. Shortly after this vet visit, Peanut was put on the tiniest dose of Prednisone. After two weeks of treatment, Peanut was seeing! He continued his treatments for a couple of months, and now, has been treatment free for a couple of months and doing awesome! He runs and jumps and chases and plays just as well as the rest of them. If you didn't know he had been so sick, you'd never have a clue.

One other little note about Peanut is his little face, the look in his eyes, and his walk, is all JUST like Harley! He is definitely Harley's boy. And of course, he has Harley's gold, with his Mama's black. We still miss Harley, but he lives on in Molly, Rodney, Ozzy and Peanut!

This is Peanut at more than four weeks old. In the photo above, you can see the white of his eye as the pressure from the fluid on his little brain pushed his eyes downward, causing him to be blind. Did you notice how small he was, between my guy's knuckles? Below, you can see how far behind he was with his siblings. You can also see where he got his name, he just wasn't any bigger than a peanut.


Becky said...

That's amazing! He is sooo cute too!
Comment from ryanagi - 3/7/05 12:10 AM

Kandi said...

Peanut?! That is my ex (of 2yrs) pet name i had for him! LOL. Your peanut is so much cuter though! And Im sure much nicer! :-D
Comment from blufaery84 - 3/7/05 1:34 AM

mosie1944 said...

Sweet creature! How tiny those puppies appear.
Comment from mosie1944 - 3/7/05 4:14 AM

yakima127 said...

Adorable! It is great to hear he is doing so well! JAE
Comment from yakima127 - 3/7/05 7:58 AM

Nancy said...

Please post more of Peanut! Sooooooooooo cute! nancy : )
Comment from nhd106 - 3/7/05 9:15 AM

sonya said...

Oh, Peanut is a my squeakie pet talking voice to Peanut: "Precious Baby....bookncoffee luvs you.....yes she does!!!"
Comment from bookncoffee - 3/7/05 6:55 PM

angela said...

First time to your journal.... Looks like it is going to be one of my favorites now! =)
Cant believe I never seen it before. I love your photos! I dont know if you have ever seen my photography one or not. Here is the link....

And I know you have been to my "Smalltown Blessings one!" Thanks for having stopped by!

I have yours on alert now.

Comment from smalltownangel92 - 3/7/05 10:23 PM

Deborah said...

Oh! How precious, love all your Peanut photo's. This is my first visit, and have enjoyed viewing this photoblog. I have added you to my favorites.
Comment from kokoapuffy1 - 3/8/05 4:16 PM

monica said...

OMGosh, Peanut is too precious!

Comment from sonensmilinmon - 3/8/05 10:05 PM

mum24boyz said...

awww..little peanut is adorable!!
Comment from mum24boyz - 3/8/05 11:30 PM

alan said...

I love your photos, but who wouldn't love that little guy? I need to post some pictures of my cat, Elvis. Thanks for your comment on F-Stop. Come by anytime.

Comment from botdotdotdot - 3/8/05 11:35 PM

derek said...

Peanut is a cutie, when I was a little boy, our dog Homer, why we named a girl dog Homer? Had a litter, and the little runt was left out, we took a little platic glove and put pet milk in it and fed her till she was bigger, and then Homer finally let her start milking, the runt, which we named Danny after my Uncle, lol, his nickname was "Stump", turned out to be the prettiest one in the litter.

Comment from deveil - 3/9/05 5:39 AM

rose said...

Wonderful photos-Peanut is toooo cute!! _rRose
Comment from rrveh1 - 3/9/05 10:49 AM

nettie said...

all I can say is awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!~!! Perfect name too!

Comment from cneinhorn - 3/10/05 2:26 PM

kristeena said...

My little dog is named Peanut, too!! How cool is that??
(We pronounce it "Peenit" though. LOL)

He is just adorable!!
=) kris
Comment from kristeenaelise - 3/15/05 3:40 PM