Tuesday, February 22, 2005

I'm Ready for Spring...

McCall, Idaho... photos taken a couple of weeks ago when I had my Friday off adventure. I first visited McCall when I was just 16 years old. I decided then, I wanted to live there some day. Boise is just two hours south of McCall, along a very scenic highway. Being from California, ending up in Boise is perfect, just a hop, skip and a jump away from McCall. Below is the south end of Payette Lake, in McCall, where it flows into the Payette River.

Back in Boise... We are in a bit of a drought this winter. We have had little, if any, snow this year. I think we even broke a record of the lowest rainfall ever recorded for a January. We have had our share of deary, foggy days though, and I'm ready for Spring!

This past Saturday, I went with my guy to unload a 53' trailer full of new trees and shrubs at a wholesale nursery. Everyone's starting to get excited about the coming of Spring. It was fun and interesting to watch these guys zip around in these little tractor like things, flipping around like a carnival ride!


Ellie said...

Comment from jibaro6543
2/23/05 4:09 AM
Well gosh darn...I am not getting alerts about your journal....geezzz...I have missed alot. The pics are awesome...I could just stare at them for hours ...the scenery is marvelous. Your daughter is gorgeous and you should be proud...having a talent like music is definitely a special gift from God.
Take care!!!!!

nancy said...

Comment from nhd106
2/23/05 8:00 AM
Love your pix....love the framing too (what do you use?) My favorite is the white birch...ahhhh...

sonya said...

Comment from bookncoffee
2/23/05 6:51 PM
Nice pics as always! I like McCall.

netti said...

Comment from cneinhorn
2/23/05 7:05 PM

wow! graet shots!!!

hope all is well with you...I've updated too...nice to see you back :-)


dona said...

Comment from delela1
2/24/05 12:35 AM

I'm ready for spring too. In fact, most of my bulbs have poked their long necks out of the ground...the daffy's and tulips are out. Hope we don't get a nasty freeze before it warms up. Love your photo's as always. ~Dona

derek said...

Comment from deveil
2/24/05 2:55 PM

very cool pictures, I do love your journal. I bet you are ready for spring!


monica said...

Comment from photographybymon2/24/05 10:57 PM

The more I see of your pictures the more I want to get back and visit Idaho. :-) I'm very ready for spring.


levi1023 said...

Comment from levi1023
3/1/05 9:42 PM

Come onnnnnnnnnnn Spring! lol I have taken some pics, now I have to go to Moms download them on her computer then email them to myself fromthere! My computer and camera aren't liking each other for some unknown reason! Happy day!

sylvia said...

Comment from sylviam4000
3/5/05 9:23 AM

My first visit to your journal and I'm delighted! Just off to put you on my alerts list.

Lovely photo's.