Wednesday, February 16, 2005

My Baby Girl...

She's all grown up and on her own. She's traveled all over the North American continent, from show to show. She's seen the sights from coast to coast. She's crossed borders to the north and south of us. She's never home anymore. Her picture is on billboards in Los Angeles and the band's hometown of London, Ontario, Canada. At book stores, I can see her in Metal magazines. Often on MTV2, I can see her play her guitar. I'm her biggest fan. I'm so proud of her. I miss her lots. I love her so.


kat said...

Comment from sunflowerkat321
2/16/05 3:15 AM

She is beautiful...and what an exciting life she must have. I know you're proud of her. I can't image what it's like to see your child on a billboard or MTV.

hope4meeeee said...

Comment from hope4meeeee
2/16/05 5:49 AM

omg it must be nice to see ur daughter have such a wonderful life.... must be nice to know ur daughter is a star

dcmeyer420 said...

Comment from dcmeyer420
2/16/05 9:14 AM

Way to go, Carlene! She is beautiful and talented! Must got those genes from Momma!

mkolasa101 said...

Comment from mkolasa101
2/16/05 12:04 PM

All I can say is Wow! Good with your daughter....two with the collauge of photo's....tell's the story...and then with your wonderful words. Bravo!
I'ed say it all just Purely Poetry.

sonya said...

Comment from bookncoffee
2/16/05 7:54 PM

How great to hear they are finding success! That's awesome!

jae said...

Comment from yakima127
2/17/05 11:07 AM

Wow. Very cool! JaE

netti said...

Comment from cneinhorn
2/17/05 12:57 PM

that is so awesome....what a beautiful girl...yes, you must be so proud! love the photo of her and the naked cowboy!! LOL


becky said...

Comment from ryanagi
2/18/05 3:25 AM

Way cool!

tracie said...

Comment from piperacharmed1
2/19/05 4:24 PM

How exciting to see your daughter on MTV.....she's proud you must be!

levi1023 said...

Comment from levi1023
2/21/05 10:00 AM

All grown up but still your baby in your heart! I can't figure out HOW I missed the Naked Cowboy in NYC!!!!!!

monica said...

Comment from photographybymon
3/6/05 8:14 PM

WoW, how impressive, she's made it big it sounds like. What is the name of her band? The collage turned out great and I love the picture with the naked cowboy!


angela said...

Comment from smalltownangel92
3/7/05 10:20 PM

Wow! Very interesting! I will have to watch out for her.



tracie said...

Comment from piperacharmed1
2/19/05 4:26 PM

And I just showed my 15 year old daughter this entry...she says the band is great...she loves them : )