Sunday, February 13, 2005

Busy, Busy...

It's been a busy week, not much time for journaling. No new photos to add this wee, I just didn't get the chance to get out, or I didn't think I would need my camera when I was out.

Yesterday, I came upon some awesome looking cattails, dried up and crispy looking with the light feathery tops, in a ditch along the road where my guy parks his truck when he's home. I thought I'd get back to the cattails and get some shots of them. I did have my camera with me but we had errands that had to be run and I just didn't get back before the sun went down. I'll get the cattails another time.

Today, if I had only had my camera with me... I really need to carry it with me at all times! So today, I'm waiting in the car at our local grocery store parking lot while my son runs in to get a few things for his Valentine. The parking lot is full of empty vehicles of all the busy shoppers and we had to park pretty far from the store entrance. A couple of parking spots over from us, at the edge of the parking lot, was our town's Fire Engine No. 303.

I sat there for quite awhile. The store must have been packed. Finally, Engine No. 303's guys came out. Oh! I wish I had my camera... They were dressed in their casual uniforms and they all had flowers and heart shaped boxes of chocolates for their special ladies. I'm sure, if I had asked, they would have posed for a photograph in front of their Engine No. 303. It really was a Kodak moment! And, I missed it! Dang!

(Note to self: always take camera!)


dona said...

Comment from delela1
2/14/05 8:24 AM

I know what you mean about taking the camera with you, everyday. I'm learning to do just that! But I must confess...both times I've seen those wonderful sunsets on the way home, I didn't have the camera. Fortunately, the spot I take those photos is only 5 minutes away from my home. Another reason I love Idaho, everything is so close.

sie said...

Comment from sieblonde
2/14/05 9:28 AM

Yes! Take your camera with you everywhere darn it! I love to see the so many different places we all live! Your pictures are great.

monica said...

Comment from sonensmilinmon
2/14/05 12:08 PM

I always kick myself when I don't take the camera with me. I try to make it a habit to take the camera bag just as I would my purse. I'd have LOVED to see a picture of the firemen in front of their truck with the flowers and hearts. It sounds picture perfect!


netti said...

Comment from cneinhorn
2/14/05 3:03 PM

oh darn, a missed moment...I hate when that happens~ next time you'll have the camera with ya!


BosieLadie said...

Comment from coy1234787
2/15/05 9:21 PM

I keep my camera in a little black zipper bag in my purse ... you just never know when a photo opp will come around!

*** Coy ***