Sunday, May 01, 2005

Road Trip

Last weekend, we took four of the dogs and went trucking! Molly, Rodney, Peanut and I, joined my guy and Ozzy on a short run to Orovada, Nevada, just south of the Nevada/Oregon border. Here's Rodney and Molly, with Ozzy in the background, all smiling for the camera. We left the Boise area about 4 a.m. and headed south, down Hwy 95. We were loaded with brand new, empty, 40 gallon barrels for two different mint farmers. I found it interesting to hear, the farmers use the barrels to store mint oil they have distilled. The barrels hold 400 pounds of mint oil each. We were told the farmers get something like $12 per pound for their mint oil. That's a lot of money!

Here's Molly. She is so funny. She gets very excited about "going" anywhere. Once in the car it's a different story. She gets worried and probably wishes she stayed home. During our trip, Molly sat in my lap a lot.

New truck. My guy got a new truck about a week before this run. His employer had the fenders painted blue to match the rest of his fleet, and he put "32" on the nose for my guy. I'm not that much up on years and makes of cars, but the "32" has something to do with a "32 Ford." This was my first run in the truck. I was thrilled, it has an airseat that works on the passenger's side, AND it has arm rests! I was pretty darn comfy!

Full view. Here's the truck. We parked at the gas station/grocery store/snack bar of Orovada and had lunch after unloading with both farmers. Cheeseburgers were great. We grabbed some drinks and snacks for our drive back home.

Sawtooth Mountain. This mountain sits directly east of the little town of Orovada, Nevada, across the highway from the little truck stop we enjoyed lunch at. Sawtooth Mountain, standing 7380 feet, is in the Santa Rosa Mountain Range.

Heading home. Just south of Rome, Oregon, there's a water fountain and picnic table on the north-bound side of the highway. We pulled in there to get some photos. The land is very sandy and these ridges were so pretty. The desert is starting to bloom,everything is turning green.

Jordan Valley, Oregon.

Seems everytime I truck through Jordan Valley with my guy, we run into some sort of stage coach. This time was no different. I spotted the stage coach before we made the main turn, straight through the center of town. We parked along the side of the road and waited for the stage coach to come through. As they came through, they turned left in front of us. I thought they'd make another round and I would be able to get more photos. Seems we waited for quite awhile before they headed out again. As the stage coach took off, the weather turned violent. Thunder and lightening, and it was raining so hard. The stage coach never made it back around, but while waiting there, I tried to get a shot of the rain hitting the hood of the truck.

Fun day. I really enjoyed my time trucking with my guy and the dogs. Seems my guy is gone more and more as the spring and summer loads start to pick up. Time together with him seems to be less and less, I'm not happy about that. I try to make the best of the time we do have to share together. Before he left for southern California again, we had a very romantic lunch together at one of our nicer restaurants here. I didn't want our time together to end. I find myself missing him more and more. I think with some of the things going on with my family, I just need him home.


becky said...

The new truck is hot! Nothing like new it!
Comment from ryanagi - 5/1/05 1:34 AM

hope4meeeee said...

love the puppies lol..smiling for that camera hey
Comment from hope4meeeee - 5/1/05 3:06 AM

linda said...

what cute pictures of the "kids"...they look like they know and are posing for u! i can imagine how loney it is to be a truckers wife..i know i couldnt do it...we have some friends that have a 8 and 4 year old and her husband is gone for over 3 weeks every month...they see each other maybe 4-5 days a sad...he hates being gone so much but the pay is really good...and he says with gas prices so high now he has to be gone more to make up the difference of gas prices...anyway, i wanted to tell u that i posted the pics of your puppies in my update and everyone loves them...they are just so darn adorable!! hope u have a really nice sunday and i hope your guy will be home with u soon..

Comment from lindainspokane - 5/1/05 6:35 AM

sonya said...

I've enjoyed the pics from your trip with your Guy. I'm sure that is kinda fun! I always like road tripping myself. I just don't like the other drivers - LOL!
Doggies must do well on the road.
Comment from bookncoffee - 5/1/05 7:06 AM

astaryth said...

Great pics from what looked like a fun time with your guy! I especially loved the first one.. they do look like they are posing for you!
Comment from astaryth - 5/1/05 7:51 AM

sylvia said...

Smashing pictures and a very enjoyable read. Thanks.
Comment from sylviam4000 - 5/1/05 1:24 PM

robyn said...

what great pics!! thanks for sharing!!

Robyn :)
Comment from mum24boyz - 5/1/05 6:53 PM

dornbrau said...

What fun to be traveling with such adorable companions! The pictures of the scenery are lovely, and you must know that I just love the water picture... but the picture of the little ones there at the top, that one is my favorite from this series. Hehehehe!
Comment from dornbrau - 5/1/05 8:00 PM

deborah said...

Road trips are so much fun, especially with the 4 legged kids along! LOL! Love all your photo's. The first one of the dogs is so cute, it had me laughing out loud at the expression on their little faces. Too Cute! ~Deborah
Comment from kokoapuffy1 - 5/2/05 10:02 AM

candace636 said...

Loved the photos of the dogs. I have two Yorkies -- Murphey who is going on 11 and Buster who is 7. They are great little friends!
Comment from candace636 - 5/2/05 6:30 PM

nettie said...

super photos, what a wonderful day you had :-)


Comment from cneinhorn - 5/3/05 9:10 AM

sue said...

Sounds and looks like a great time. Love the pictures.
Comment from sieblonde - 5/3/05 9:24 PM

monica said...

I want to go on a road trip! I love all the pictures.


Comment from sonensmilinmon - 6/4/05 10:53 PM