Monday, May 02, 2005

Five Weeks Old

The Girls ~ Five Weeks Old

These girls are running, jumping, growling, barking, biting, and tearing things up! They are so alert and bright-eyed. Talk about cute! All little cuddle-snuggle-butts! I cannot believe I come home for lunch every day to feed them and change their papers, and make it back to work. People at work look absolutely surprised to see me back at work after lunch. They are so sure, every day, that I'm going to call in and stay home because I cannot bare to leave these little pups. What they don't know is, I do know where my bread and butter comes from and wouldn't jeopardize that at all.

For all those wondering if I planned to keep any of these babies... I would love to keep them all! LOL I am thinking of keeping one, but we'll see. They will be ready for their new homes, Memorial Day Weekend. I have an ad going in the paper this weekend.

We already have five Yorkies, the boys, Lucy and Molly. Molly is also with children, due the end of this month. We are "hobby breeders" meaning, our dogs are our pets. Our dogs are treated like family, in a caring and loving environment. We take them everywhere with us, include them in almost everything we do. They have all come to work with me for months at a time, when they're little, and as often as I can bring them when they're older. Ozzy rides full-time with my guy, long haul trucking.

Tomorrow, my son will bring the puppies to my office with him. My son is doing some volunteer work for credit at school. The puppies will be there just over an hour before everyone leaves for the day, so they can get their puppy fixes. These puppies are pretty much the office's puppies. For the past three years, they've watched Harley, then Lucy the Mom, then Molly, from the time they were seven to eight weeks old to now. Everyone keeps asking when the babies are coming to work! I think people miss Peanut and Rodney, the last two pups that came to work everyday with me for four months. Peanut and Rodney are already eight months old. It's been a couple of months now, since the boys have been to work. It should be very therapeutic to have the babies there tomorrow, it's been so long since I've had puppies there, and everyone's going through puppy withdrawals.


krissy said...

Oh, these puppies are so adorable! -Krissy
Comment from fisherkristina - 5/3/05 12:25 AM

dcmeyer420 said...

Awww, they are so cute!
Comment from dcmeyer420 - 5/3/05 4:39 AM

sonya said...

Oh, they are getting big. They will make such nice fur babies for someone. As I say every week, they are "cutie pies".
Comment from bookncoffee - 5/3/05 4:46 AM

linda said...

they get cutre by the day! i wish i could get one but i already have 3 too many dogs as my husband says....have fun taking them to work with u!

Comment from lindainspokane - 5/3/05 7:03 AM

jae said...

So cute! It is so soothing to handle puppies...puppy kisses are the BEST! JAE
Comment from yakima127 - 5/3/05 8:31 AM

nettie said...

I love your puppy photo updates! t hey are adorable, gettting cuter every day


Comment from cneinhorn - 5/3/05 9:09 AM

jasmineandlace11 said...

awwe I want one so bad!! How much are they?
Comment from jasmineandlace11 - 5/3/05 9:28 AM

astaryth said...

They are just adorable! When I was working for Ringling Circus, the animals I worked with always went 'overland'... meaning they were hauled by trucks instead of going on the train... We would get a different trucker most weeks (although some of the guys/gals would ask for me if they hauled for the show again!). Often the truckers would have dogs or cats traveling with them.... They said it made the road life easier... I'll bet your hubby appreciates his little travel buddy too!
Comment from astaryth - 5/3/05 5:48 PM

sieblonde said...

aww.. how can you not love that armful! lol. and how did you manage to keep them all still? lol They're just too cute.
Comment from sieblonde - 5/3/05 9:26 PM

becky said...

That is so cool that they let you bring them into the office! 14 years ago, a co-worker brought two kittens into the office to see if anyone wanted to adopt them and guess who brought them home? LOL Yup.
Comment from ryanagi - 5/4/05 10:33 AM

kasey said...

Very cute!!

Comment from ikoiko33 - 5/4/05 4:19 PM

monica said...

They are simply adorable. I wish my MIL didn't get the grown dog (who wasn't housebroken) I wish she would've waited for one of these adorable little girls! It would've given me a chance to see them and meet you too. :-)


Comment from sonensmilinmon - 5/7/05 4:58 AM

gabreael said...

They make you want to just go out and get a puppy!


Comment from gabreaelinfo - 5/19/05 8:48 AM