Thursday, August 11, 2005

Just Thinking...

It amazes me how each and everyone of us touch others' lives in some way. Everyone we meet, everyone we talk with, everyone we see, affect us in some way. Sometimes we do not know how we are affected by these encounters until later, sometimes we never do realize the affect of another person on us. It's all amazing to me.

A week ago, one of our fellow Journalers experienced a great loss, her sister and nephew were killed in a horrific Interstate auto accident. I have not been able to stop thinking about this horrible accident, and the huge loss to so many lives that were touched by these two beautiful people. I understand our friend's family members were innocent victims of this terrible ordeal.

My guy is a long haul driver of one of those big 18-wheeler trucks. It's my guy's greatest fear, that someday he might be involved in a fatal accident. I think many driver's have the same fear. My guy is a good driver and books five to eight to ten hours on the road, everyday. That's a lot of hours behind the wheel.

Unfortunately, not all drivers behind the wheel of these huge, 18-wheeled trucks are safe drivers. Some should not ever be allowed to drive such vehicles, maybe not any vehicle. The laws that allow these drivers to drive such vehicles need to be re-evaluated, to weed out the drivers that are at higher risk to be involved in accidents.

I read about another fatal trucking accident last week... this one was in Maine. The truck driver in this accident was just 32 years old, and he had more than 42 moving violations on his record and was driving with a suspended license! Something needs to be done!

Nothing will bring our friend's family back. And, I cannot imagine the pain of her loss. My heart and soul go out to our friend, and to my guy... who brings groceries from one part of our country to another, praying he has a safe journey home each and every trip out.


robyn said...

oh, how sad... so sorry to hear of this accident :( that is absolutely horrible that someone with so many moving violations can be hired by a firm to drive a big rig!

Robyn :)
Comment from mum24boyz - 8/11/05 12:33 AM

linda said...

I'm sorry to hear about the loss of family by a fellow Journaler. You are right about letting some people drive. My family has been touched by a drunk driver. Killed my nephew and his best friend when they were only 14, riding their bikes. Thanks for your entry, Linda
Comment from naturegirlfromny - 8/11/05 4:11 AM

kat said...

Thank you for this. I have thought about you through all this as I know your guy is a trucker. We do not yet have the results of the accident investigation so we do not know if there is criminal negligence involved. I know this has to be a nightmare to the good truckers out there.

If you know of any way to work toward safer trucking laws...let me know.


Comment from sunflowerkat321 - 8/11/05 4:21 AM

sylvia said...

Many journallers have touched my life and I thank the day found journals. My heart goes out to the fellow journaller who has lost so much.
Sylvia x
Comment from sylviam4000 - 8/11/05 6:31 AM

kath said...

Amen! I think we are all praying for Kat. I know I have been.
Comment from dklars - 8/11/05 6:49 AM

becky said...

Very sad indeed. :-(
Comment from ryanagi - 8/11/05 9:17 AM

ari said...

My heart goes out to those who have lost. And I hope that your husband has safe trips as well.

Comment from mechants - 8/11/05 12:15 PM

dona said...

Here's to your guy making each trip a success and arriving safely, alive and well, back home to you.

Comment from delela1 - 8/11/05 11:37 PM

monica said...

I was deeply saddened when I heard about the accident, I had lost my mom to a senseless auto accident myself. And after hearing the latest I found myself having nightmares again - not making me the most supportive j-friend around. However, I will continue to keep her, her family, your husband and more in my prayers. My brother was an 18 wheel driver for many years and he said there were many driving who shouldn't be on the roads. He was/IS very safety conscious to this day.


Comment from sonensmilinmon - 8/12/05 4:31 PM