Sunday, September 11, 2005

September 11th, 2001

September 11th, 2001... It's been four years since the tragedy at NYC, the Pentagon, and in Pennsylvania where the fallen airliner found it's final resting place, tragedy for all of America. I will never forget the unbelievable 'live' seens I saw from my t.v. that beautiful, September morning. On this anniversary of that horrific event, I think of those who lost loved ones, four years ago today.


psychfun said...

Just added an entry myself!
Comment from psychfun - 9/12/05 1:37 AM

sylvia said...

Thinking of you.
Sylvia x
Comment from sylviam4000 - 9/12/05 9:24 AM

kathy said...

I can remember seeing the live pictures all to well. This is still such a sad day in our country.

Comment from onestrangecat - 9/12/05 1:18 PM