Thursday, October 05, 2006

Quick Update

My mom's total knee replacement surgery went excellent! She was admitted to the hospital after her recovery time in surgery, and she discharged from the hospital, late Friday afternoon. My dad stayed by her side the whole time. The hospital brought in a cot for my dad to sleep on. My mom is doing really well, very little pain. Fear of the pain was what was keeping her from doing this surgery years ago. After the past couple of weeks, my mom has decided to go ahead with her other knee replacement sometime in February or March.

As for my daughter, she had her surgery this week, just two days ago. Her good friend stayed with her all day at the hospital and took her home that same night. She seems to be doing well, though she's sore and moving very slow. She asked me to stay home, telling me it wasn't a big deal that I'm there. I wish I had just gone to help her out, but she's doing good.

So, all in all, my worries are put to rest. My mom and my daughter are both doing fine.

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Anonymous said...

Just came across your journal and been having a nice read. I loved your little pups. I have a yorkie too, Billy. Hope your mum and daughter are doing ok.