Sunday, February 24, 2008

Weekend, Gone Too Fast

At first, I didn't know what to do with myself when my schedule changed and I started working four 10's, having Friday, Saturday and Sunday off every week. Now, I don't know where the time goes!

Friday, I took Lucy in for her Vet check. The lady who lost her puppy earlier this month, went with me. We wanted to find out how many puppies Lucy was having so I would know when Lucy's done delivering puppies. Appears to be four, maybe five, puppies! That's quite a lot of puppies for Yorkies. We're hoping for a male for my lady friend.

Saturday, my son's girlfriend threw a going away party for my son. He leaves for Fort Sill, Oklahoma, in a little over a week from now. I helped her pull the whole thing together. We made our own invitations with Military scrapbooking supplies. Then, we made this huge, tri-fold, poster board, full of photos and more Military scrapbooking items. The photos were from the time he was born, to today. My son even help with this. We had a lot of fun together, going through all those old pictures and trying to decide which photos would end up on the board. Lots of fun!

Someone at the party asked me if I was going to be okay after he leaves, it must be hard. I've thought about that ever since she asked me. I am going to miss my son! I think my response was a bit short, and very possibly, unfriendly. I do not mean for my response to be so short. I think I knew if I let my true feelings out, I would have broke down crying. I couldn't do that, not in front of all those people. I need to be strong for my son, support him in his decision to join the service. Let him go.

Everyone enjoyed the poster board, full of photos. We bar-b-qued hamburgers and had homemade chili beans, and lots of good side dishes of fruits and salads. We had a really nice time.

Sunday, my son's girlfriend and I went to the baby shower of my dear friend Jenny. We had a wonderful time.

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