Saturday, November 01, 2008

Beautiful Fall Day

It was colder today than it's been all week but, seasonalably warmer than normal. That didn't matter, I was freezing! It's about 7:30 p.m. and still 61 degrees out. That's pretty darn warm for November 1st. Still, I'm cold to the bone.

I'm watching my Boise State Univ Broncos beat New Mexico State Univ. It's a blitz, top of the 4th quarter and the score is 49 to 0, Broncos. I haven't blogged about my Broncos in a couple of years, but if you follow college football, the BSU Broncos are definitely a team to watch!

I was out in the yard this afternoon, admiring the fall colors of the neighborhood. My furr babies just love when I'm out in the yard with them. I grabbed my camera and snapped away...

Molly & Peanut, then Lucy, and Peanut again...


Astaryth said...

Oh... they are absolutely adorable. I just want to give them a hug and kiss LOL! Morgan loves when I am outside with her also.. she goes with me twice a day across the street to feed the horses. She knows exactly when we are supposed to go and gets very impatient with me if I take too long ;p

gina said...

how adorable...and i really love the fall background setting.

ELLIE said...

your furbabies are so adorable - too cute!!!
Here we took in as much football as possible - and screamed our hearts out for the gators to win and they did - what a great day!!
Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Bridgett said...

Avid college football fan here! Of course, I'm a WVU girl. :) Gotta love my Mountaineers.

I tried to watch the slideshow, but honest to goodness, it made me dizzy! LOL

I'll try again later. :)


MariesImages said...

Awwwwww they are so sweet looking!

Barbara said...

Your fur babies are soooo cute and I love your slide show!!

Please visit my Serenity Gate when you get a chance. I'm having a free blog drawing!

I live in Idaho, too.

ambradream said...

hi BoiseLadie
Member me?? You use to read my aol blog a few years back!!!Well I;m back!!! I'm getting back on the blogging horse again I hope!!! Cute dogs btw!!! Hope all is well!!

Kris said...

I saw that NMSU lost majorly. Its okay, I'm not an aggie, I'm a LOBO! (UNM)

by the way...we have something in common! I've got a Peanut too, except we call him "peenit" and its spelled Peenit. He's a chihuahua/daschund mix and his body looks just like a peanut.

I think my next doggie needs to be a yorkie!

=) kris

Indigo said...

Loved the pictures of the furr kids in the yard. I tend to always be cold at this time of the year. Doesn't matter what the tempature is. Hopw your staying warm. (Hugs)Indigo

Butch Boo said...

Very cute!!

When I was 13 I found a yorkie abandoned in a park in a real state, shivering, very thin and matted hair. I phoned my mom and asked her if we could have another dog she flat reused- we had anough pets (3 dogs, cat and rabbit!!)

I ignord her, turned up home with him, my mom fell in love and Sammy stayed! My mom became obsessed with yorkies and we ended up with 13 dogs at one point!!!