Monday, September 27, 2004

Closet Journaler

Okay... I've been journaling now, in the closet - privately, for a couple of months. I've been peeking around at others' journals, getting totally addicted to reading the life and times of these other journalers. I love to write, though I don't think I'm very good at it. In time, if I stick with this, I think this too will improve.

A bit about me...
I'm the mother of a rock star! My daughter has been in music since she was just three years old. In the beginning, piano lessons were 15 minutes long, twice a week, 45 miles away from home. That may seem like an aweful long way to drive for a 15 minute lesson, but honestly, it was worth every moment! She's now 23 years old, a self-taught guitar player for a pretty popular heavy metal band.

I also have a son. Last Christmas, my son got a drum set from Santa. Lessons are once a week, and now all his spare time is spent tapping and pounding rhythms on everything in site. I don't know where this will lead, but I know it keeps him busy and out of trouble. My son is 15 and a sophomore in high school. He attends a Charter High School for the Medical Arts.

Yes, I believe music is very important for children. I wish our public schools would offer more music in their curriculum, at the earliest ages. Kids' minds are like little sponges, absorbing all that surrounds them. Music should be as natural as breathing. Of course, this is just my opinion.

I'm also crazy over Yorkies! I have three beautiful Yorkshire Terriers! Harley, Lucy and Molly. I have had dogs throughout my life, always big dogs. I'll never go back! These little guys are the greatest. They have a heart of gold and would do anything to please me, not to mention, they are just the cutest little dogs! Okay, I warned you, I'm crazy about these little guys. Harley's a daddy again. This last litter was born September 8th. Four males and a female. We get pick of the litter and will get a little male. We're trying to come up with a name for the little guy. In another entry I'll have to tell you how we came up with Harley's name.

We also have three cats... Wigs, Goose, and Sketch. We think Goose may have found another home as he comes home just a couple days a week. Someone else in the neighborhood must be feeding him. He looks great when he's home. He's a huge Siamese, ten years old or better. Wigs is always home and is my son's cat. Wigs is a Mainecoon and probably small for her breed but a pretty big cat anyway. We've had her for seven years. And then there's Sketch. The Yorkies love her! She's also a Siamese. If you like Siamese, she is absolutely gorgeous.

Some things I love to do...
Photography has been one of my passions, all my life. I've been asked by many to take pictures for their special occasions. I've created alot of memory keepers for so many people. I love it. My son and I have been working on our garage - it's been a mess, boxes and things stacked four feet high throughout. While working on going through these boxes we came across several boxes of photographs I had forgotten I'd taken. Huge boxes! I used to be so good at putting photos in albums as soon as I got them. In the past ten years, I haven't put one picture in an album. They've all gone to a box, stored in the garage! This is something I want to start working on. Get all these photos organized and safely mounted in albums and scrapbooks. Whew! That sounds like a big project!

Another passion of mine is traveling. I love to go places and see the sights. I haven't been able to travel in years. Between work and lack of work and then finding work again, it's just been impossible. I did, however, take a OTR ride in July with my guy. My vacation, his job. We left Boise, drove to Los Angeles, then back through Boise to western Washington, and on to Seattle and back to Boise. It was a short trip, but fun. It got me away from my desk job I've been at for more than two years without a break. And, yes, we took all three dogs! My most favorite and unforgettable trip was trucking across America in just over three weeks, in 1999. I'll have to tell more about this ride in another entry.

My guy... I love him dearly. He and I met online more than seven years ago. He's smart and witty, he loves kids and fun. He's been on the road, long haul trucking, for most of our relationship. I kid around saying, it's good to see him when he comes home, and it's good to see him go when he leaves. But honestly, I miss him terribly, I hate being without him. Cell phones have made it much easier to be apart. With our service, calls to eachother are free, so we can talk from here to Los Angeles, to Seattle and back without a charge! Most every route he takes, we have service, so we're really never more than a phone call away.

Well, this is me and I've rambled on long enough for this first public visit. There's more to tell so come back soon. Let me know what you think.


jerserygirl said...

Nice meeting you! I hope you share some of your photos in your journal... I have a passion for photography and the sea and this is what my journal focuses on.....interesting about your daughter....the rock star! Yes, I agree music is very important.....your writing is fine! So, keep writing!

Comment from cneinhorn - 9/29/04 7:29 AM

monponsett said...

I used to play guitar, and sing. My band was called 20th Maine, and we were one of the better all-girl jazz-polka-mteal fusion bands working Duxbiry, MA at the time.

As Jackie Martling says, "The good part about my singing is that when I sing, my guitar playing is no longer the weak link in the band."

Comment from monponsett - 8/21/05 6:20 AM