Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Saturday Six - Episode 24

1. Who is the last person you took a photograph of? The last person(s) I took pictures of were of my son and father. In August, they built some really nice shelves in my garage. It happened to be my father's 70th birthday, and he was here working away with my son. I remember running back in the house to phone my mom. I couldn't believe I had forgotten his birthday! And did I mention to you, it was his 70th birthday! We, my mom and I, decided on a home cooked meal, his favorite, and a nice evening visit over dessert.

2. What decade do you hold the most dear and why? I have two decades I hold dear... The 70's are dear to me. Friends, high school, driving, music, dating, concerts, love found, marriage. The memories are the greatest. The 80's are closest to my heart. Both my children were born in the 80's. My daughter in 1981, and my son in 1989. I love being a mom.

3. Take the quiz: What mystical creature are you? You're a mermaid. The stereotypical mermaid had a long, fish-like tail that blended with the human torso at the hips and almost white skin with red hair or some off color like green or blue. They were the most fantastic singers and the siren type of mermaids would lure sailors with their lovely lullaby into dangerous rocks. They were mostly harmless and peacefull and they were content to simply sit on the beach combing their hair or in the water playing with friends. Theynever wore clothes and were always women. They were sweet and a little deciteful at times.

4. What is your favorite alcoholic beverage? 1800 Margaritas, with salt, on the rocks.

5. What do you normally wear to bed? A knee length nightie.

6. READER'S CHOICE QUESTION #24 from Cherie: What movie character do you most identify with? "Grace" from Grace Under Fire. A comedy t.v. show about single mom with kids and the challenges of trying to make the best for her family, having fun along the way. My day to day life is much like Grace's. It's always something!

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jerseygirl said...

Welcome to J-land! Great answers....I was the mermaid too....nice photos...

Comment from cneinhorn - 9/29/04 7:27 AM