Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Boise State Wins Fiesta Bowl

43 Boise State - 42 Oklahoma

Oh my gosh! If you didn't see this game, you missed out on what most are saying was the best college ball game ever! Oh my gosh!

FOX television is replaying the whole broadcast of the game on Saturday, and again on Sunday. Maybe you'll be able to catch the excitement. Check your weekend FOX listings.

David slays Goliath!... See the OT clips here.

FOX announcer, live... click here to listen.

If the game wasn't enough, Ian Johnson who made the final TD, proposes to his girlfriend. She says, "Yes!"

And, I just had to order the DVD of the whole broadcast of the game!

Incredible! The whole town is on a Bronco high! BSU doesn't start back to school for another couple of weeks. The city mayor has already given the team a golden key. A huge celebration is in the works for later this month. Wow! Bronco Fans love their team, Boise loves their team, and thousands love the underdog who fought to the end and blew the bigger team away!

All photos snagged from internet, most from AP.

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Anonymous said...

WoW, what an exciting game that was ... I only caught parts of the game. I wish I had seen the wedding proposal!