Sunday, September 23, 2007

Weekend Drive

The Perrine Bridge over the Snake River at Twin Falls, Idaho.

Yesterday, I drove to Twin Falls to meet up with my guy and his family. It's a two hour drive from home through the high desert. The Interstate follows the Snake River for most of the 130 mile trip. As I got into town, the sun was starting to set, yet still high above the horizon. I pulled over at the Perrine Bridge outlook to take some photos.

My guy had driven from southern California with a load that delivers in Twin Falls on Monday. I was excited to meet him there Saturday afternoon. We spent the night with his mom, and I left for home Sunday afternoon.

We had a nice visit with my guy's mom and his aunt and uncle. His aunt and uncle are leaving in a couple of weeks for Arizona to spend the winter months in warmer weather, and my guy wanted to see them before they left.

Other things on my mind... Today, September 23rd, is my mom's birthday. She is in southern Arizona, just about at the Mexican border, to help her sister-in-law. My mom's youngest brother is dying from complications of brain cancer. He was taken off life support Friday and brought home to be cared for there. He is not expected to live.

Growing up, I wasn't around this uncle and his immediate family, so I was not close with him. I never really knew him. Still, my thoughts and prayers go out to him. Also, to my parents who have driven the two day trip, from here to there, to be with him and his wife, at the time of his passing. I know my aunt could use the support of family right now... being there for the living, they are who need us most at times like these.


Maria said...

Hello, BoiseLadie! I'll be flying into Boise on Wed, for a soccer game in Nampa at NW Nazarene where my daughter's team (Seattle Univ) will be playing at 3:00....then flying out in the same day afterwards. Hope the drive is as short as I think. Nice to hear from you and I love Twin Falls..I have some photos of that somewhere when I took the road trip with my daughter a few years ago. Maria

Becky said...

So sorry to hear about your Uncle. My SIL passed away from a brain tumor years ago. Cancers of the brain are hard to cope with. So many weird complications happen with that one.

Dona said...

I've always loved the Snake River scenery at Twin Falls. Happy birthday to your mom!!

Anonymous said...

Love the photos in the slide show. I want to go check that out now. :-)

Prayers for your uncle's family.


Kelly said...

My heart goes out to your uncle's family. But it looks like you had a great trip. Makes me want to hop in the car!

Kristeena said...

Gorgeous photos! I had to look because for a second I thought it was here in New Mexico at the Rio Grande Gorge Bridge.