Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Anyone For A Puppy Fix?

The photos with single pups are Lucy's two females, 7 weeks old tomorrow. The others with two pups are Molly's two males, 5 weeks old yesterday. I've got a houseful of puppies right now, six in all. Lucy had four puppies in February, and Molly had two puppies in March. Fun, fun, fun!


Donna said...

They are SO tiny and cute!

Val said...

Well, I am so happy to see that someone I know is still blogging! I've lost touch with everyone! It's been a long 2 years. I see you are still having babies! They are so cute! I still have Starr, my cockapoo. She's still my precious baby! My kids call her the Queen *itch! lol Jealousy! Well I am glad to see you!


Family Affair Photography said...

What beautiful pups! You must enjoy them so much and sometimes I'm just green with jealousy that you get to cuddle these precious pups! Keep photographing them!