Saturday, July 16, 2005

Must Love Dogs

Molly's girls... Both girls have new homes. They sold the same night, within an hour or so of eachother. It's hard to give them away, but I know I cannot keep any more dogs, we have plenty! (Our Yorkies... Lucy, Molly, Rodney, Ozzy, Peanut, and Sadie.)

Rosie... Went to her new home last night. Her new mommy is the sister and next door neighbor of the people who took one of Lucy's pups, Tawny. Rosie's new mommy is very sick, fighting cancer, and was camera shy since the chemo treatments have taken all her hair. She's gonna give this little puppy tons of love. And Tawny will be with Rosie all day while Tawny's family works.

Maggie... Is still with us. What a sweetie she is... cuddle, cuddle, cuddle. Her new family will pick her up next weekend. They used to raise another small breed of dogs, and right now, they do not have any pets and can't wait to love this pup. And then, no more puppies for us for a year or so. Here's Maggie with her mother, Molly. Molly is in terrible need of a haircut.

Sadie... She is getting cuter and cuter by the minute! What a character she is. She runs all the dogs, bossing them around, egging them on to play. These little dogs play like no other! It's so funny to watch them romp around.

Bailey... I am babysitting Bailey and her bigger sister, Abby, a one year old Yorkie. Their family went to the water amusement park, The Lagoon, at Salt Lake City this weekend. This is the sister to Sadie, and Tawny, featured in my previous entry. So, I havea HOUSE FULL of Yorkies this weekend! It's funny how different Yorkies can be, even within the same litter! They're all so cute!


kath said...

That Sadie, she looks like she has a million dollar personality! They are ALL adorable.
Comment from dklars - 7/16/05 11:34 PM

ari said...

Oh my goodness! So many cute puppies! You are so darn lucky. They're all so adorable.

Comment from mechants - 7/17/05 1:31 AM

sonya said...

Oh, I am sure these babies will do well in their new homes. I think Rosie will get lots of love for sure don't you. How special for both Rosie and the owner that they will have each other.

They sure our cute and I know they are a source of entertainment for you.

Thanks for sharing the entries.


Comment from bookncoffee - 7/17/05 5:17 AM

kat said...

Not only do you capture how cute they are....their personality just seems to jump right off the screen. They are all little darlings! It must be so hard to let each one go.
Comment from sunflowerkat321 - 7/17/05 5:35 AM

jae said...

darling!!! JAE
Comment from yakima127 - 7/17/05 7:29 AM

redpoppy007 said...

I love them. they are the cutest dogs ever..
Comment from redpoppy007 - 7/17/05 6:33 PM

dcmeyer420 said...

Yes, must love dogs... Can't help but smile while looking at their pics. They are all adorable!
Comment from dcmeyer420 - 7/17/05 9:58 PM

becky said...

The are soooo sweet looking! Maybe one day, when we have a nice fenced yard where all the kids can play (furry and not)...LOL
Comment from ryanagi - 7/18/05 3:57 PM

gabreael said...

They are just so cute. We haven't had Piggy Sue fixed yet, we keep thinking about breeding her for a puppy, but I know if she had pups I would want to keep them all. Uggh.

Comment from gabreaelinfo - 7/18/05 8:35 PM

dona said...

Yorkies are such characters! A friend of mine has two and a lab...guess who runs the show? You know it!

Comment from delela1 - 7/18/05 9:44 PM

cathy said...

What adorable pupsters!!!!
Ah yes, when they go to their new homes - it's always hard to let them go. When we have pups here "Going Home Day" is always exciting for the new families, and sad for us - but I look at it as "bittersweet" because it's after that day that I can really spend time with the pup that I keep.

Comment from cathyterv - 7/18/05 9:54 PM

monica said...

what adorable sweet little faces they have and those eyes!


Comment from sonensmilinmon - 7/19/05 5:36 PM

mariebm56 said...

awwwwwwwww very cute puppies!!!
Comment from mariebm56 - 7/20/05 6:01 PM

robbie said...

I love these dogs! There's a guy in the building that I work in that brings his (also named Maggie) to work sometimes. It is so spunky and friendly. I want one so bad but I'm home so little that it wouldn't be fair. These are great pics too!
:-) ---Robbie
Comment from krobbie67 - 7/25/05 7:29 AM

nettie said...

adorable! I'm glad they are all finding good homes, and you do have alot! too cute.

Comment from cneinhorn - 7/27/05 7:50 AM

redonionsau said...


Why is it that people think about going to a city to see remants of a TV show? There is a lot more to see in New York, than just Macy's windows.

Great Journal

Will return.
Comment from redonionsauce - 7/29/05 10:17 AM

ccancu said...

I have two Schauzers and a Maltese, but have NEVER had a dog that small. These photos are simply 2 cute!!!

Thanks for sharing!
Comment from ccancu - 8/1/05 1:24 AM

judi said...

oh, can I hold one???? I am so sorry to be so behind in journals... life has kicked my butt recently. Know that you are in my thoughts. judi
Comment from judithheartsong - 8/5/05 10:05 AM

kelli said...

Eeeeeeeee! They're soooooo cute!
Sonja and I are dying for a dog - we want either a Yorkie or a Chocolate Lab. Idealy, we'd like to have both and name them Peanut Butter and Jelly. :)
Comment from grassriver - 9/8/05 12:31 PM