Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Our Fourth of July

What a beautiful day it was, in Idaho, this 4th of July. We enjoyed a good, long weekend. My guy was home, and would be home for the entire weekend! My son was also home, but he had to work most of the weekend, so he missed out on some of the fun...

We ventured out to the little town of Melba, Idaho, about 30 miles from home...

We found a bunch of real pretty TRACTORS, in all sorts of colors, shapes and sizes...

Now, what would a 4th of July celebration be without a tractor pull? This was my first time at witnessing such an event.

Plenty of folks found it lots of fun to be out in the dust, thrown by the gigantic tires of the tractors as they dug down into the soft, resurfaced ground, pulling "The Mule," a pull-sled sponsored by good ol' John Deer.

Like the tractors, folks came in all shapes and sizes.

The littlest of folks caught my lens and I couldn't resist getting this shot. One of the kids had something the rest of them wanted.

Melba was lots of fun... There was a rock climbing wall, an antique car show, arts and crafts, hamburgers, hot dogs and cold drinks.

Before we arrived, they had their patriotic parade down the center town.

Going to Melba truly was a lot of fun!

Back home, we had our dinner and got ready for FIREWORKS! At dusk, we took the motorcycle and found our town's aerial display. We haven't ridden the motorcycle in over a year. There's just something about the wind in your face when riding.


krissy said...

Sounds like you had a great time!
What beautiful photos.

Comment from fisherkristina - 7/7/05 12:23 AM

becky said...

The photo of the primary colored tractors is my favorite!
Comment from ryanagi - 7/7/05 12:26 AM

sonya said...

Hey there. First of all I love the 4th of July Estee Lauder umbrellas. Those are cool. And you have SUCH A GOOD EYE for photos. I felt like I was reading a magazine like Southern Living, or National Geographic or brochure for Melba as your pics tell a story and you always know how to get the perfect shot. They are so good. I know I always tell you that....but you could make money at this!
Comment from bookncoffee - 7/7/05 4:33 AM

helen said...

Looks as you had a good day on the 4th. I like the second picture because of the background scenery then again I like the kids picture too. All of them were good though LOL. Helen
Comment from madcobug - 7/7/05 8:26 AM

jae said...

Sounds like a heckuva good time!!! JAE
Comment from yakima127 - 7/7/05 8:31 AM

sylvia said...

Those pictures tell wonderful stories. Thanks you.
Comment from sylviam4000 - 7/7/05 4:31 PM

hope4eeeee said...

looks like u had a wonderful time there
Comment from hope4meeeee - 7/8/05 2:49 AM

judi said...

I love your photos!!!!! I have been to many a tractor pull in my youth, last summer I took Virginia to her first ever demolition derby.... she still has not recovered. judi
Comment from judithheartsong - 7/8/05 5:55 AM

rebecca said...

You know, I spent alot of time in Melba growing up, My grandparents owned the local convience store. Back then it was PV corner stop. But I never spent a 4th of July over there. I didn't know what I was missing!! We were up in Garden Valley for the 4th, LOL the good town gone bad. We do have a great state!
Comment from justaname4me2 - 7/8/05 4:07 PM

ari said...

Great pictures, especially the one with the little kids. So cute!

Comment from mechants - 7/8/05 11:10 PM

gotomaria said...

I'm a fan of umbrellas...not just because I'm in Seattle.....great pictures..
Comment from gotomaria - 7/9/05 2:52 AM

tc01hm said...

Americana! thanks for the 4th celebration!
Comment from tc01hm - 7/11/05 8:03 AM

cathy said...

Great photos!!!! You've got a wonderful eye for making a fantastic image.
Thanks for sharing!!

Comment from cathyterv - 7/18/05 9:57 PM