Friday, July 08, 2005

New Program

This photo was taken a couple of weekends ago, in my parents' backyard. The photo itself, wasn't quite what I thought it would be, so, I started playing around with different options in the editor and came across this crinkled texture look, and I liked it! I'm enjoying a day off from work, home alone. Yes, home alone, and enjoying it! LOL

Here's the original photo...

I'm not sure what these were, my parents were pretty proud of them. I thought they were thistles, weeds. Come to think of it, there weren't any stickers or thorns, and they did kinda grow on me.

Actually, I was pretty busy today, for being off work. I had a "pamper me" appointment at noon, then went to Costco... Boy, is it just me, or is EVERYONE going to Costco now-a-days!? There wasn't a spot to park in their entire parking lot! And this was Friday, not even a weekend! Sadie had an appointment for her vaccinations. And, Molly's girls are now 7 weeks old, so they needed their first shots and checkup. I stopped by my parents' on my way home for a quick visit. They are doing good today. They hadn't seen Sadie since she was just itty-bitty, and they'd never seen Molly's girls. I think my parents got a kick out of the pups. Seven week old puppies are so much fun! I need to get more photos to post of them.


helen said...

Picture is very pretty. It looks more like a painting to me. Yes, do post more pictures of the pups. Helen
Comment from madcobug - 7/9/05 5:01 AM

sylvia said...

Love the texture and Torn edge on this picture.
Comment from sylviam4000 - 7/9/05 7:13 AM

sonya said...

Hey I love that photo effect. It reminds me of the "fur" effect on paint shop pro. Kinda like crinkled paper.
We have a Costco about an hour away, but Sams Wholesale (almost the same thing) is just 25 minutes away so we go there. Fun isn't it?
Never know what will be there.
Take care and oh, I'm glad you had a wonderful day off.
Comment from bookncoffee - 7/9/05 8:12 PM

Rebecca said...

Oh wow, the difference is amazing. But I personally think, it takes artist eye to capture, manipulate and create a thing of unique beauty. You have a good eye :o)
Comment from justaname4me2 - 7/10/05 9:05 AM

carolyn said...

Love the Photo. Aren't Photo Editors great!!! I love to make photo's black and white!

Comment from shelt28 - 7/10/05 12:19 PM

tc01hm said...

Fun to get Artsie!
Comment from tc01hm - 7/11/05 8:05 AM

mark said...

I went through all the photos on this scroll. Will return to go thru archieves. The puppies are really neat. I think either the original or the photo-edited version of the recent photo are stand alone very good.
Take care and God bless,

homepage contain a link to photo/artwork journal
Comment from mtrib2 - 7/11/05 9:01 AM

becky said...

I thought they were a kind of thistle too. Interesting!
Comment from ryanagi - 7/11/05 7:40 PM

coy said...

Very cool what ever they are!
*** Coy ***
Comment from coy1234787 - 7/12/05 5:23 PM

lisa said...

Isn't it great what we can do to "so-so" photos with our editing programs! I have so much fun with mine! Great job on this one by the way! Lisa
Comment from cw2smom - 7/12/05 7:46 PM

kat said...

What editor did you buy? The crinkle effect is not one I'm familiar with.

These look to me like the centers of coneflowers after the petals have fallen away. Were they at one time purple or white flowers? Coneflower is echanacia.
Comment from sunflowerkat321 - 7/17/05 5:33 AM

danielle said...

What program did you use? I love the result!


Comment from danielled1 - 7/20/05 1:37 PM

marie said...

This is beauitful, love the finishing touch, your presentation really adds to it.
Comment from mariebm56 - 7/20/05 6:03 PM