Saturday, January 14, 2006

Christmas Cruise - Day 3

Christmas Day... We had left Ensenada during our dinner the night before and would be at sea all day. They told us that about half way back to Los Angeles the Captain would turn off the engines and we would drift at sea for hours. We both were missing family on what's traditionally a family day. It was my first time away from my kids at my own doing. I found myself at the "Internet Center" where I got online and emailed my family, wishing them a very merry Christmas.

The fog was still with us, so not much sea to see, it was really thick fog. We toured around the boat, checking out all it had to offer. There were games and shows to see, and of course, there was always food.

For lunch we decided to go to the formal dining room. Everyone we met was really nice, and most had cruised many times before. Seemed like everyone we met had cruised before. It was interesting to hear just how many people had cruised before. And, not just once before, but many times before. I always thought it was incredibly expensive and cruising would be something I would never afford. I was thrilled to be there.

We checked out the "Love & Marriage" auditions and game, taylored after the "Newly Wed Game." What a hoot! Then, up on the upper deck there was a statue made of layers of glass in one of the lounges. Some of the photos in this entry are copies of photos found online of the things we saw on and around the ship.

Christmas dinner was wonderful. Both my guy and I chose the traditional turkey dinner. Mmmm. Father John and Ed both had something different and offered us tastes. Everything was really good. Towards the end of our dinner, the wait staff did a line dance through the restaurant. They balanced everything from bowls to bottles of condiments on their heads as they danced through the tables. The music and dance was lots of fun.

After dinner we met up with Father John and Ed again for the "Holiday Show" which was a Christmas dance routine the entertainment staff choreographed themselves in the two weeks prior to this cruise. The show was in the Sound of Music theatre.

We were to bed early as we had to be up and ready to leave the ship at 8 a.m. the next morning.

Back in Los Angeles, we went down for breakfast in the formal dining room. We had eaten breakfasts at the buffet on the 11th deck the other mornings. Breakfast was good and it was back to our rooms to finish packing to leave. We were able to stay in our room until our "color" was called for disembarking. Everyone was issued different colored tags, I think depending on which deck your room was on. The lines seemed to move right along. I won't lie, the lines were long, but they weren't bad. Before long, we were through US Customs and back on US ground waiting for our rental car.

It's amazing how big these ships are, and all that entertainment. And, the food! Everyone onboard is happy. The only thing missing on this cruise was sunshine. There are no regrets - we made our own sunshine, the trip was lots of fun, and we are hooked! We joined the "club" and hope to cruise again real soon.


Linda said...

You had a shorter cruise, I don't think three days would of been enough for me! Glad you enjoyed youself. On the North east coast here they have "Cruise to Nowhere", its good for people who have never cruised before, it goes out to sea and turns around and comes back. Lasts two days I think. Linda

Astaryth said...

I love the littl 'elephant' towel. How cute is that! Thanks for stopping by and telling me how you did the photo mosaics... I haven't checked out Photobucket because I already have the AOL FTP (for now), and also a Flickr account. But, Hey you can never have too many ways to show off photos!

Nancy said...

How wonderful!! You seemed to have such an awesome time...I'm glad. I love the photobucket collage, the music, AND that photo of you and your guy!


Darla said...

Thanks so much for stopping by my journal and for the Birthday wishes! I'm back to 39 again today :) So you're a January Bday girl too? Happy Birthday to you too!

I just love how you have your journal set up! The layout is so nice with the beautiful pictures and music too. Very comfy and cozy feeling.

How exciting to have gone on a cruise! I enjoyed your gorgeous pics! Sounds like a lot of fun. I've never been on a cruise before. I can come and "feel" like I've been there through your pics and writing until someday I can try one :)

How sweet your yorkies are, too. I have a minature cock-a-poo and she thinks she's a real kid. She's my baby, but doesn't like to share me with hubby and my daughter sometimes.

Thanks again for stopping by and I'll be back to visit again soon!

Darla ;o)

Dona said...

Oh yea! You got to cruise! Isn't it the best? I'm a two-timer, on Royal Caribbean both times. Looks like you went on RCL as well. The food, the service, the decor, the ship, the notch, all of it. Worth every dollar. Can't wait to do it again; I'd love to do a Christmas cruise. The ships always look so beautiful that time of year.

Oh, and by the way, you've been tagged. ;)


Ari said...

Sounds like so much fun. Beautiful pictures too. That boat is amazing. You're making me want to go on a cruise now!


bookncoffee said...

Hey....Just to let you know I've enjoyed your cruise entries. Since I've not been on one, I'm living them thru you.
That bay picture was just beautiful.


alphawoman said...

Love the photo bucket thing!