Friday, January 20, 2006

It's Official

Yes! It's official! We received our Crown & Anchor Society cards in the mail today! We never had so much fun before and we are totally hooked. I'm already trying to plan our next adventure... Alaska, deeper into Mexico, Caribbean, New England, ???

Today, we also received our first car payment statement. Ouch! Okay, we'll have to really save for our next cruise. If there's a will, there's a way.


Anonymous said...

Yuppers, I have a car that I can barely afford too, I always worry about what will happen if I loose my job etc... Its a lease, so I guess back to the dealer it goes and I get slapped with hefty fines! Linda

Ari said...

Save those pennies! Every little bit helps.


Williepanda said...

BoiseLadie, fell upon your blog by accident, looking for info on whether there is a lot of fog in Boise!! Hubby and I want to go to Boise to check it our for possible relocation upon retirement, in 5 yrs.) Planning on trip in last half of June but I am gathering info. We are in San Rafael, CA. north of San Fran. Would you be willing to give us feedback/info regarding your area, best time to go, perhaps info about cabin to rent, etc.?? Since you are a transplant I thought you could really weigh in. We are earthy people, more redneckie than anything else! not liberals by far, hubby is a building official, I am a receptionist for Legal Aid. We want small town atmosphere but yet have ammenities available if wanted. Living here has gotten out of hand! We have 2 Bearded Collies, and 2 Terriers, yeap, 4 dogs. We are taking them with us also. We want to take an RV. We are very excited about this adventure, we have never been north of Fort Bragg, although have been many other places. It's great that you guys travel a lot. We are 58 yrs. old with grown children, 2 grandchildren here and 3 in Colorado. THANKS SO MUCH IN ADVANCE. Carmen

bookncoffee said...

Good luck with the next cruise and the car payments. Maybe you can "cruise" in your car for a while...LOL.