Sunday, February 19, 2006

$365 Million


Can you imagine? What would you do with all that money? Boy! I think after the initial shock of winning such a prize, a long list of things to do would follow.

I would have to find a modest home in a nicer area than I'm currently in, something a little more secluded with some room for stretching. I don't need a huge model home, just something simple with a view of the mountains. Hmm... Maybe a move to another state and a home with a view of the ocean? Ah... Dreams are fun.

Bills, we always have bills. No matter how much you make, you always spend what you have, and sometimes even more than you have. The more you make, the more you spend. I would pay off a home and cars. I am satisfied with the cars I have, so I wouldn't go out and buy another for myself. I might buy a car for each of the kids and my guy, if I won big money. I would definitely pay for a college education for each of the kids.

I think a couple of vacation homes sound like fun. One northwest cabin near a lake and river in the mountains, another on the western coast. I love to travel, so maybe a fancy R.V. to travel the states and see all the sights to see with my guy and all these dogs. Of course, cruises and cruise-tours will be a must.

Money cannot buy you everything though. Love cannot be bought. Love is earned, along with respect. Keeping one's dignity cannot be bought. Some say that if they knew the life changes that come with winning millions of dollars like this, they would not have played the game. I would be willing to take the risk of life changes. I know my morals are good, and they would keep the rest of me in line.

I would put away a significant amount of my winnings, in whatever funds that will make more money for me to live comfortably in my older life. I think too, I would keep my job, at least for a while. I love what I do, it's never boring or dull. I'm sure all that traveling I'm dreaming of would hinder the job and I would be eventually forced to let it go to enjoy my travels.

Another chunk of change would be given to the local church and city charity for the help they gave me when things were not so good for me. I will never forget the giving I received when I was down and out.

I'm not a PowerBall junkie, I do not buy tickets often. But, when the jackpot's this high, I buy five tickets. Someone's gotta win, and you cannot win if you don't play.


Ari said...

I would buy a plantation in Louisiana. Those homes are so so lovely. And then I would give a big chunk to charity. You know what I'd really like to do? I'd like to help out those that would never expect it. That would be fun.

Oh and of course, I'd have to get me a few more yorkies. I'm so addicted.


Bedazzzled1 said...

You have some good, solid choices for the spending of that money should you ever win. And I hope you DO win one day. ::smile::

Jeannette said...

Yes, I often wonder what we would do I we ever won the lottery. I would hate to win a really really big prize though because too much money can cause as many problems as not enough. As it is never likely to happen... I can only dream. You are right though, the really important things in life cannot be purchased.

sunflowerkat said...

That's the kind of money that HAS to be spread around. SO many in need. Your answers don't surprise me. They're very much in line with what I would do.

Becky said...

Jackpots like this are so tempting...they make the mind wander to all the wildest possibilities of what money can buy. One winner in Lincoln, Nebraska. It just boggles.

Judith HeartSong said...

can you imagine? The first thing I would do is fund all of the groups that helped me recover from an abusive childhood.... that would be my dream.

Dwana said...

Loved your entry...I could find a way to spend some of that Thanks for stopping by my journal, and your kind words. Take care

Gabreael said...

Our lottery is suppose to start here April.

Thank you for your recent words of kindness.

Take Care,


Terry said...

You have been put in a six-pack!!! Come visit me and see.
...sweetest dreams...Terry

Dona said...

I purchase a ticket every now and then. Just because, like you said, you can't win if you don't play.