Thursday, March 09, 2006

Show Me Something: Blog Six-Pack Picks

I am so honored to have been chosen as one of Terry's Bottled Dreams Six-Pack Picks! Seems AOL's, "Editor Joe," has started something new, with the old idea of getting out there to see other blogs and journals, and passing along six of your favorite blogs and journals. Check it out here >>> Blog Six-Pack Picks!

Here's six of my favorites:

Sonya's Southern Home Sonya is ALWAYS busy! I do not know where she finds all her energy.

Ari's Reflections Living with her boys, Ari has great stories to tell. She always makes me laugh.

Becky's Where Life Takes You... I enjoy reading about Becky's life with her tot, Tyler. He's getting so big! And, what a cutie.

Kat's Walk With Me... What an inspiration of inner strength. Kat's journal was probably one of the first I read, she always make me feel welcomed.

Dona's Blue Skies...Gentle Breezes My neighbor to the north. Dona's journal is down to earth and fun to read.

Rebecca's In The Shadow Of The Iris My neighbor across town... Rebecca has such a way with words.

These are just six of my favorites and are no way my only favorite journals I read. I had a very difficult time deciding which of my many favorites to list here in this entry. You can find all of my favorites in my sidebar.


sunflowerkat said...

I think this six pack thing would be very hard to do. There are SO many wonderful journals, written by interesting and talented people. I am flattered that you have listed me here.

Thank you!

Dona said...

Thank you...I consider it an honor to be selected by you and to be included in a group of such gifted writers, especially Rebecca. Thank you Cheryl.


Becky said...

Aww! Thanks so much for the plug. I guess I'd better post an entry. We've all been sick over here for the last week or so. :-) Hope all is well with you. B

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you posted those six, a few old ones that I've missed with the change and have lost the links - seems I deleted my bloglines. Grrrr. I also look forward to checking out the others. What a great idea.

Thanks for sharing,

Ari said...

Oh hon, I am so honored that you chose me! Thank you so much. It figures I would get chosen the moment I went on vacation, haha. Sorry for the belated response. I really do appreciate this.


Judith HeartSong said...

very nice list and well done! judi