Friday, December 15, 2006


He's only six weeks old and he came home with us tonight to meet his new family. The girls were so excited, they all checked him out and they all seem to love this little guy. Below is Lucy with Bentley. Then Sadie trying to figure out how to join Bentley. She'd like to help him eat his food. And last, all the girls, Molly, Sadie and Lucy, checking him and his kennel out.


Donna said...

Those are absolutey the cutest puppies!

Anonymous said...

What precious puppies!


Nancy said...

Awww....Bentley's perfect!


bookncoffee said...

Merry Christmas Cheryl! I hope you have a good one!!!!
Love the puppies....
Big hugs. Can you tell I'm off...I've had fun reading journals today and catching up. I rarely get to read them.