Sunday, December 24, 2006

He's Not Very Big

6 wks old

Bentley with Lucy

Bentley fits nicely in my guy's hand.

We've had Bentley for a week now. He's so little. So little, he doesn't have the reserves to keep himself going when he hasn't eaten. We had quite the scare Wednesday night. I came home to find Bentley lifeless in his kennel. He was non-responsive to physical or verbal interactions. I phoned the ER Vet and we were on our way! On the way, the poor little guy had a seizure. He was whisked away the minute we arrived at the vet. Turns out his blood sugar had dropped to 19, normal is 100 to 130. They wanted to keep him overnight to watch him. They had fed him human baby food and Karo syrup. When I left him at 9:30pm, he was sitting up and looking around. I called at 12:30am to see how he was doing and they had just re-checked his blood sugar. It was up to 120! I was on my way to pick him back up.

That was Wednesday night. Bentley is doing great now. I've weaned him off the human baby food, onto some high quality puppy food, feeding him every three hours during the day. He's running around with the big dogs, barking, biting and playing like a normal puppy.

Friday I took Bentley to our regular vet for a follow-up to his ER visit. My vet said he was just too cute and frisky to be sick. She really felt he's going to be alright, no major underlying issues to cause his episode other than being so little with no reserves. I feel she's right and hope we don't have any further issues. Bentley goes back in two weeks for his second round of vaccines.


ally said...

bentley is just too cute!

happy holidays!

Anonymous said...

What a scare that must've been. Bently is simply too adorable!

Merry Christmas!


bookncoffee said...

Happy New Year to you and "Your Guy" and all the little Furries. Hope your daughter and son are doing ok as well as the rest of the family.
Miss your posts. Also hope work is going well.
Big Hugs for a new wonderful 2007. Going on that cruise????

sunflowerkat119 said...

I can't believe how tiny he is. Of course this had to be SO scary....poor little thing. I'm glad it was something they could quickly identify and take care of.