Friday, December 01, 2006

What an Experience

Unusual, heavy snow fall couldn't keep us away!

Photos Courtesy of Vancouver Sun/Stuart Davis

The Rolling Stones

BC Place Stadium

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

November 25, 2006

Can I just say, WHAT A SHOW! And, we made it there, and back, safely! Click here for the Vancouver Sun's review of the show.

We heard the weather was going to be less than desirable for driving from Boise to Vancouver, British Columbia. I got nervous, I do not do icy roads. At least not intentionally. My guy had driven enough with his run from home to California through Utah back to home. So, we made arrangements to fly into Seattle and then drive a rented car to Vancouver, BC.

We arrived in Seattle about 9pm Friday, rented a car, and made our way to our hotel in Kent, WA. The next morning, the sun was peeking out behind a few clouds. Barnes & Noble was just up the road, Starbucks was just inside. After grabbing a book on travel in Vancouver and a couple of mochas, we were Vancouver bound.

The roads were clear through Seattle. The drive to Vancouver would be about 150 miles from our hotel. We stopped in Blaine, WA, for breakfast at IHOP. A man in uniform waited for us to be seated. My paranoid mind began to wonder what we had done, why was this man waiting for us? Turns out he was a fireman collecting donations for families in need.

Just as we were finishing up with our meal at IHOP, my team, BSU (Boise State University), showed up on their muted t.v. up in the corner, across from us! Now, BSU has won every game this season and the game that day was against Nevada at Reno. It was hard to break away from watching this last game of the season, but The Stones were waiting! Later we found out, BSU won 38 to 7! They're going to a bowl game, New Years Day! BSU Photo Courtesy of the Idaho Statesman

We had to get up the road! Doors opened at 5pm at BC Place.

The sky started to get darker, but no snow, no ice. Our drive was good all the way up.

My guy had brought his GPS system and we could finally see the Canadian border! We were getting close. Still a good 40 minutes out from our hotel in Vancouver.

And then, the border was before us. Our excitement was rising. We went through customs and then stopped at the Canadian Visitors Center. Of course, there were brochures on all the attractions to see in the area. We changed out a few US dollars for Canadian money, picked up a city map that had points of interest noted. And we were off again.

Our room at the Ramada Limited in Richmond, BC, was perfect! We had a balcony overlooking a downtown street. I couldn't believe the price, our room was three times nicer than the night before in Kent, WA, and was about the same price.

We rested for a few minutes before getting ready for The Rolling Stones! It seemed as soon as we checked into the hotel, it started to snow. By the time we left for the concert, it was really coming down!

We left in what we thought was plenty of time to make the venue by the time the doors opened at 5pm. The show started at 6:45pm. We like to get to venues early and watch the setup and people before shows start. Well, I forgot our binoculars at the room, so about two miles out, we had to turn back around to get them. Our seats were in the second level, near the top. Binoculars are needed there.

It took us more than 2 hours to get to BC Place Stadium. Snow had practically shut down the streets. We were at a crawl. With the GPS, we were able to see other routes that might be quicker, only to find out all roads were gridlocked. At first we wondered if it was the concert causing the problem. We found out later the snow was the culprit. Vancouver does not get snow normally. This was only the second time in 12 years it's snowed, one local explained to me.

We made it to the venue, found perfect parking not far from the BC Place entrance. It was cold, it was snowing like crazy. The lines moved right along. Our tickets were scanned and we were in! Bonnie Raitt sang one last song as we found our seats and then there was a 40 minute break before The Stones made their appearance. And, the rest is history! What a show!
Updated 01.07.2007
Found the actual play list of songs for our show:

Date: Nov 25, 2006
Location:Vancouver - CANADA - BC Place
Set List
JJ Flash
It's Only Rock And Roll
Oh No Not You Again
She Was Hot
Shine A Light
Streets Of Love
Midnight Rambler
Tumblin' Dice
You Got The Silver
Slipping Away
Miss You
Get Off My Cloud
Start Me Up
Honky Tonk Woman
Paint It Black
Brown Sugar
Can't Always Get What You Want

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I was sitting here with my mouth hanging open ready to ask if you got the stone photos with the fujifilm camera. Then I continued reading. The show sounded AWESOME! I'm glad you went and had fun.