Friday, November 24, 2006

Last Minute Travel Plans

We had planned to drive to Vancouver, British Columbia, leaving tonight, but... they are predicting SNOW, and lots of it! So I've scrambled to find flights, extra nights at hotels, and car rentals because nothing is going to stop us from seeing the Rolling Stones tomorrow night.

It's costing a lot more to fly, but two days in Vancouver, British Columbia, with no snow driving worries will be fun! Looks like we might have snow here on Monday when we get back.


Anonymous said...

I can't wait to hear about the concert! If Sonny was working, I would've been there. I LOVE Vancouver and look forward to any photographs you post. Have a GREAT TIME!


ally said...

have lots of fun at the concert.

make sure you dress warm. i'm south of you and our weatherman is reporting rain for our forcast.

Dona said...

Nothing like a last minute push to get something important done! Have a wonderful time and a very safe trip.

Looking forward to the snow here in the north; a little snow and a Christmas tree farm is magical. :)