Thursday, November 16, 2006

Start Me Up!

Oh my gosh! The legendary Rolling Stones were just up the road from my home Tuesday night! They were here for what people are saying was an AWESOME show. Those that are Stones fans and who went to this concert are said to not be able to wipe the smiles off their faces.

Now, I do not own any albums or cd's of the Stones, though I do have a dvd of their last concert, 40 Licks... but, I would have done just about anything to see these guys live!

Tickets sold out in 45 minutes when they were first released this summer.

All day Tuesday, I tried to win tickets on the radio while at work. I even recruited friends who worked across town to listen to radio stations offering contests to win two tickets. One gal at my work lives just down the street from where the Stones were set to play. She offered to stop by the Idaho Center on her way home and register me for two free tickets from the radio station booth, setup in front of the venue.

And sad to admit, I even called the radio station during a non-contest song and spoke with the DJ. I told him that I had actually bought tickets to two previous Stones concerts over the years, and for whatever reason, either they cancelled the show or I had to cancel, so I had never been able to see them. The DJ asked my name and then told me he had to work a break and for me to call him back. Well, I thought that he was joking, and never called him back.

I stayed at work, being very productive, until nearly 7:30pm so that I wouldn't be home alone, feeling sorry for myself for not being able to go to the show. They announced the winners of the drawing for front row seat tickets. I listened with all my fingers and toes crossed, in hopes of winning. After my name wasn't drawn, I finally went home.

Well... the Stones are going to be making up some of their previously cancelled shows. One show just happens to be in Vancouver, British Columbia, at the BC Place Stadium. And, MY GUY bought two tickets for their Saturday, November 25th show there! Oh my gosh! I cannot believe it! We're going to see the STONES after all! I'm so excited, I can barely stand it! Road trip! Happy, happy, happy!


Anonymous said...

I have songs saved from itunes that I have on my ipod but, I don't have any albums,cd's or such of theirs. However, I would've LOVED going myself.

I was looking at several of the photographs in the link you provided me and they were all beautiful. Looked like you had a great time with your camera. Thanks for sending me the e-mail and sorry I didn't respond sooner.


Anonymous said...

I meant to ask, are you going to the Vancouver show you mentioned to me? Inquiring minds want to know.

Dona said...

Concerts are the best! Have a wonderful time in Vancouver, BC; it's such a beautiful city!