Sunday, November 12, 2006

First Snow

We received our first snow in the mountains around the Treasure Valley earlier this week. I'm hoping our winter will be mild, down here in the valley. I do not mind snow as long as it's up in the mountains. We'll see.

From the photo snap of The Weather Channel's US Satellite, looks like we're in for a storm tonight here in the Boise area, through tomorrow. The winds are already picking up, no rain yet. That yellow/orange blob is heading straight for us!

We've had a quiet weekend. Yesterday, we watched our Boise State boys beat the San Jose State boys at San Jose on our local t.v. channel. It was a great game, tied for 20 at the end of the fourth quarter, and in the last 4 seconds, BSU kicks a field goal for the win! 23 -20 BSU! What a game!

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Dona said...

No snow here in Lewiston...but at lunch I saw a blanket of white in the Peola, Washington area.

Winter is near...