Sunday, March 25, 2007

6 Weeks Old

Okay, I hope I'm not boring you all with my puppy pictures... They're just so cute, I have to share! One is sold, the other is still available for adoption.


sunflowerkat said...

Puppy pictures boring??


They are soooo cute.

Nancy said...

Not bored! There must be another word for them beside cute. They're cuter than cute.


bookncoffee said...

Stopping by to let you know I've been here. Could never be bored with puppy pics.
Hope work is well and your daughter and son are well.
Big hugs, friend.

~~Kath~~ said...

I never find your puppy pictures boring. I wish I could adopt the unadopted puppy, they are both just TOO cute!

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to stop by and wish you a Happy Easter and was delighted not bored to see puppy pictures! They are too cute for words. :-)

Hope you are having a healthy happy Easter! Been thinking about you.