Monday, April 16, 2007

So Many Things

Sometimes, I come here to clear the cobwebs of my mine. Sometimes, I just stay away because I know some of those cobwebs are so very sticky. With that being said, I'll give this a try.

First on my mind, puppies! The puppies are all off to their new homes and doing well. I love raising Yorkies. I always worry that I may not find good homes for my puppies. In the end, I always feel I've done a great job finding the perfect homes for my puppies.

Here's "Charlie" with his new family. His family is so excited to have him! In an email I received a week after Charlie went to his new home, his new Mom says, "We are in love! Charlie is so well behaved."

Yorkies, there's just something about them. They constantly play and please, they're such little characters. They say, once a Yorkie owner, always a Yorkie owner.


Astaryth said...

Your picture isn't coming thru (at least for me) :( And I do so love the pictures of your little angels!

Kelly said...

no, no - I am the one who has been gone too long! I am slowly, but surely trying to get caught up though :-) and could that puppy get any cuter?!!

Anonymous said...

I think we all stay at times - sometimes it helps to come other times you just want to be in your own corner. The picture is adorable and I'm glad they found good homes.