Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Changes & Updates Abound

Wow! AOL really did it now. I started out with an AOL Journal and was one of the many who moved from J-land when the unwanted banner ads appeared. I have grown to really like the Blogger platform and hope to continue to grow here.

With the current exodus from AOL's J-land and everyone moving to somewhere new, I thought I'd give my own blog a facelift too. I really do like the ease of changing things, personalizing my blog, and hope that everyone who lands here finds it as user friendly as I have.

Also, I realized I haven't posted in a long, long time and I have some catch-up posting to do! My summer was filled with medical issues, and a wonderful week away from home with my family. My son came home from Basic Training and AIT, I met a new family member we never knew existed, and I've lost 30 pounds!


ELLIE said...

I also love blogger - just easy to do stuff on...at least for me - I like your new layout - I like the stretch layout - that is the one I have always used...hope all is well at your end - boy you have been busy - congrats on the weight loss...
take care

alphawoman said...

30 pounds! That is wonderful. I have been on blogger for awhile but I can not figure out how to put anything on my side bars! lol!! I think my main jnl has not beenupgraded to the most curent platform b/c I am afraid of loosing my header!