Friday, October 10, 2008


Last I checked, it was only October 10th. We had our first snow showers today. It didn't stick, but if any more storms come through tonight, it just might. OMGosh, I don't remember having snow this early since I've lived here! Normally, the last week in November we start getting snow. To all my friends to the east, here comes winter! My cousin lives in Beverly, Mass, and she gets our weather about three or four days after we do. It's kind of interesting to follow the storms across America.


Donna said...

Ewww, snow this early? Nooooo!

You make me glad I live in Missouri.

gina said...

and it's 81 degrees here in n alabama today....snow is pretty to look at, initially, but i'm sure glad i don't have to live with it! :)

Nancy said...

wow....a bit too early for ME!

Hope for an early melting...either that, or make a snow man!


Becky said...

Snow?! The boys were just in their paddling pool yesterday afternoon. Today they were at the park. Snow seems so far away right now. :)

a corgi said...

hi; just found your blog; we lived in Montana for 8 years and came back to Southern California (we keep coming back LOL; we leave CA, we come back, we leave, we come back; done it 3 times; I think God keeps bringing us back)Anyway, I remember one of the years we were in Montana (we lived there 1998-2006)our first snowstorm was on Sept. 25th, 6 inches. A week later it was back up to 80 degrees.

cute blog you have :)