Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Happy Kaos

Okay, recently, I've started many new posts and just haven't had the time to complete any of them. What's going on, you wonder?

For a couple of months now, I've been looking into having my carpet and linoleum ripped out and replaced with hardwood floors. Last week, it was a done deal. The new flooring arrived on Wednesday. The work men arrived on Friday.

By Sunday, I have brand new floors throughout! Well, we left the bedrooms in carpet. But it's almost like I have a new home at the same address. Not only did I have the floors replaced, I have painted - still painting - all the same rooms... kitchen, dining, living rooms and both hallways. I'll have to get some updated photos to post!

In the midst of all this construction, ripping out carpet and linoleum, my Lucy went into labor and delivered two pups! One was delivered here at home, the second, at the vets as Lucy's labor had stopped for hours. Both pups seem to be doing well until tonight. I noticed the littler of the two is not gaining any weight. They go in to see the doc tomorrow, and I started bottle feeding the tiny one. I hope he does okay and gets past this. Again, I need to get some pics.

I have planned time off work all week. After the past few weeks there, I'm due for a quiet week away from all the STUFF! Painting the interior of the house was not on the agenda, but I'm glad I'm doing it. It really looks like I've moved into a new house. I told my guy, it looks like a Manhattan apartment in here! All this hardwood and rugs. I know, I need to get pics!

And, the biggest news... my son is getting married! He and his gal are going to the court house tomorrow morning. I'm not exactly sure how that works, if they are just getting their license to wed, or if they will be wed. He said he'd call me to let me know.

This is my happy kaos. New floors, new puppies, new daughter! I know, I know... Pictures!!! I will see what I can do between being mother of the groom, bottle feeding a new pup, and painting the walls.


ELLIE said...

love the flooring look - I want that so bad----yes more and more pics - need to see!!!
CONGRATS on the son getting married - the army will treat his girlfriend/wife differently and she will be kept in the loop so that is a good thing!!
take care--Ellie

~~Kath~~ said...

Congratulations on everything, the new DIL, the puppies, the floor! When we built our house 4 years ago, they wanted an extra 10 grand for hardwood floors. We can do it ourselves so much cheaper so we got the cheapest carpet possible with the intent that when it got old and icky we'd put in the wood floors. It's still holding up for the most part (Amazing how long carpet lasts when there's no little ones around!) but we're considering putting down the wood flooring anyway. Can't wait to see all the new photos. I'll keep the puppy in my prayers!

Nancy said...

Yay for some GOOD stuff! Lots of it...
wishing more and more to come your way.


Kristeena said...

Sounds like everything's just peachy in your neck of the woods! Its nice to hear some good news from someone for a change!

=) kris

sunflowerkat321 said...

Wow, lots going on at your house. I can't wait to see pics when you've got everything done. You should the big REVEAL like those home makeover shows.

I keep my fingers crossed for the puppies. I hope that they'll be getting bigger and stronger soon.

gina said...

beautiful hardwood flooring! i know you'll be very pleased.

Becky said...

Oooh! Floor jealousy! LOL I've been wanted to ditch my carpets and get wood floors for-ev-er! Maybe oneday.

a corgi said...

lots of excitement at your house! congrats to son and soon to be or possibly wife by now; wishing them much happiness!