Sunday, June 12, 2005

A Lot On My Mind...

Little Miss Sadie...She's 10 weeks old this past Monday and doing great. The vet checked her out and gave her a perfect bill of health a couple of days ago. She weighed in at just about two and a half pounds. Did you notice, her ears are up! Yorkies come in all shapes and sizes, some with ears up and some with ears down. AKC standards prefer ears up, so we're excited. Isn't she just adorable?

And, Molly's baby girls... are three weeks old now. I've moved them from the privacy of our bedroom corner to our livingroom. Their little eyes opened last weekend. Molly is such a good Mom. We worried she wouldn't have anything to do with the babies, but nature's mother's instinct came on strong with Molly. She barely lets us hold these girls. I think being in a more public room will help Molly be less stressed when one of us picks up her babies. She's very protective of her little ones.

Molly's Girls, three weeks old... All babies are so precious, animal or human. Tonight, they tried to walk around the newspaper in the bottom of the kennel and looked like Bambi on ice! It's too funny. They can lift themselves with their front legs, but their back legs haven't quite figured out how to maneuver...just too cute!

Other things happening here in My World...I received my son's report card in the mail this week... he got straight A's! I cannot be any prouder of him. He's done a fantastic job keeping his grades up at the Medical Arts Charter High School, which grades much harder than the regular High School here. He'll be a junior next fall.

My Mom's chemo treatments are pretty rough on her. Seems it takes nearly two weeks to recover from the treatments only to encounter another one. She has a couple of good days, just before the next treatment. There will be 16 chemo treatments in all, one every other week. All her hair has fallen out, she wants me to photograph her and my Dad together... they now have the same hair do - fuzzy bald. Before her treatments, she did purchase a couple of wigs, which look really nice on her, and had her eyebrows tattoo'd. Her treatments will go through November.

If my Mom's present health condition wasn't bad enough, my Dad had another heart attack a week ago. I spent last Sunday and Monday at the hospital with him. Sunday, when he was rushed to the ER, my Mom stayed with him as long as she could. She wouldn't leave him until I arrived. Monday they ran tests. He has two collapsed arteries and he's not strong enough to tolerate surgery to repair them. His main artery is good. For now, the docs want to wait before they do anything more for him. He had a massive heart attack in Jan 2004. They did bypass surgery then. My Dad's home now.

I tried to call my parents today, to see if there's anything I could do for them. There was no answer, they never called me back. This photo of them was taken in May, last month, just before my Mom's treatments started.

I did talk with my daughter today. She would like to come home to visit her grandparents. I told her I would help pay for her ticket home, she lives in Seattle. We'll see if we can work it out so she can be here in the next few weeks for a couple of days. We'll try to make it on one of my Mom's good days, just before another treatment.

My guy is on the road, this time he brought along his nephew, Jake. The truck has an upper bunk in the sleeper. I think Jake is 14 years old. He was pretty excited about going trucking to Nevada, California and Oregon, and back. He'll be great company for my guy. Of course, Ozzy is with them, he's the truck dog. They'll be back Tuesday or Wednesday.

Until next time...


Linda said...

Oh my goodness, I hope your parents will be alright. They look pretty strong. The pups are adorable! Linda
Comment from naturegirlfromny - 6/12/05 4:36 AM

Ari said...

Ohhhhhhh, I so want one! They are adorable. I still have to pay off my credit card for the first yorkie I bought though, hehe. Cute as they are, they sure are expensive!

Comment from mechants - 6/12/05 5:41 AM

astaryth said...

Keeping your parents in my thoughts... I hope that all goes well with them. The pups are absolutly adorable, and Sadie is Beautiful! Congrats to your son on his good grades!
Comment from astaryth - 6/12/05 8:21 AM

Jae said...

Miss Sadie is absolutely darling...too bad about your parents...hope all goes well with them...JaE
Comment from yakima127 - 6/12/05 9:51 AM

kath said...

My thoughts and prayers are with you and your parents. The puppies are adorable, and Sadie is even cuter than that!
Comment from dklars - 6/12/05 10:02 AM

windy said...

I so hope things go well for your parents. They are in my thoughts and prayers. The pups are so very cute! And so are Molly and Sadie.

Comment from windascoop6 - 6/12/05 12:12 PM

becky said...

Your poor parents...they really are having a rough go right now. I hope they are both doing better soon! The pups are sooo cute!
Comment from ryanagi - 6/12/05 1:23 PM

sylvia said...

Those Yorkies are so cute. My thoughts are with your mum and dad. Wish them lots of luck and better health. Take care.
Comment from sylviam4000 - 6/12/05 2:21 PM

gabreael said...

My they have gotten so big!

Comment from gabreaelinfo - 6/12/05 3:27 PM

rebecca said...

It's been way to long since I've visited your journal. I just went through your last 10 entries to do my catching up. The puppies are beautiful and adorable. I think it would be so hard to give them away to their new homes!!! Congrats on your son's A's thats definetely something to be proud of. And about your Mother, I'm so sorry to have read she has cancer. My thoughts will be with you and her through this next stretch of time. My own Mother just finished her treatments for breast cancer in Jan, I know how it feels to have something like this invade our Mothers. Take care, ask lots of questions, and write about it. Wishing you the best, and I must add, you take such beautiful pictures of our beautiful area. It's almost surreal to look at your pictures from this side of my computer screen and know every spot you've posted!
Comment from justaname4me2 - 6/12/05 10:54 PM

helen said...

Your Yorkies are so pretty and the babies are precious. Hope both your parents will soon regain their good health, Helen
Comment from madcobug - 6/13/05 1:08 AM

Ellie said...

So sorry to hear that your mom's chemo treatments are taking their toll...I do hope that things get better for her and your dad. You should be proud of your son...I think those are awesome grades. Your lil babies look absolutely cute and cuddly.
Love all your pics....
Take Care

Comment from jibaro6543 - 6/13/05 9:29 AM

dragonrose637 said...

awwww...the puppies are SOOOOO
Comment from dragonrose637 - 6/13/05 9:11 PM

sie said...

So sorry to hear about the rough time you are going through with your parents. It's not easy.

But congratulations on your son's great grades. You should be proud mom.

As always, the puppies are soooo cute! I don't see how you can bear to part with them, they're all so adorable. ~Sie
Comment from sieblonde - 6/13/05 11:06 PM

carolyn said...

Aren't those puppies just the cutest EVER!!!!!

Wishing your Mom and Dad a speedy recovery!!

Comment from shelt28 - 6/14/05 3:32 AM

tc01hm said...

Your Mom and Dad are as cute as the pups.
Comment from tc01hm - 6/14/05 7:55 AM

gypsy said...

Sounds like your life is as hectic as mine. I hope your parents are well, I know how that feels, both of my folks are in their 80s, and in the middle of picking up their life and moving from washington to new mexico to the house they just finished building down there. Mom and Dad both have just gone through eye surgeries, and yet they are still driving and moving and workin hard, lol even still going skiing once in a while, I worry like the dickens, but I am SO glad that they are still so active.

Thats fantastic about your son, its good to see some kids, AND some parents, still care about doing things right. Charter and alternative schools, especially the ones focused on the arts, seem to be great. I wrote an article on the Magnet Arts School in Eugene, and gained a great respect for what they do and offer.

LOL...and those cute. Now normally im not a small-dog babygirl is 95 lbs, and Ive always preferred the large brutes. I think the smallest dog I ever had was my little Red Healer. But even i did the requisite "ohhhhhhh how cute" thing when I saw the pics in this post.


Comment from wildwickedgypsy - 6/14/05 9:37 AM

cathy said...

What adorable puppies!! They are so cute. When mine start to walk I call it the Dinosaur Walk! LOL
I'll keep your parents in my prayers. Sounds like you've got your hands full. Just remember to get some good stiff wiffs of that puppy breath to make everything seem just a little better!
Comment from cathyterv - 6/14/05 10:51 PM

monica said...

I had to chuckle at the thought of the puppies trying to walk and looking like Bambi on ice. :-) Keeping your mom in my continued prayers. Congrats to your son for such awesome grades. :-) Hope your daughter makes it home to visit. :-)

Comment from sonensmilinmon - 6/18/05 8:55 PM

hillareeday said...

Your yorkies are beautiful! I just got a yorkie puppy named China about 6 weeks ago. She just turned 4 months old last week. She weighs 3 pounds. Any idea how big she will be full grown? Her parents weren't more than 4 pounds. She is tiny, but healthy and strong!
Comment from hillareeday - 6/22/05 9:10 PM