Sunday, June 05, 2005

Our Memorial Day Weekend...

Memories... The sun glistening off the small water crests at Lucky Peak Reservoir reminded me of a photo I took, years ago, of my Grampa in a small row boat on the Brownlee Dam at Hells Canyon, Idaho. The lighting on the water then was very much the same as this. The dock was very inviting. Thirty-five years ago, I might have run out to the end of the dock and jumped in! Today, I just took in the scenery and enjoyed my time out of the house with my guy.

Lucky Peak Reservoir... It's just a short drive, about 25 miles east of home. It was a beautiful day and we had been couped up in the house all weekend, not feeling well enough to get off the couch. This shot was taken at the south-west end of the reservoir, closest to Boise. This photo does not show the many boats on the water that day... We saw sail boats, ski boats, row boats, kayaks, canoes and rafts. The dock above was taken from clear across this photo and to the right some. Can you make out the trees along the banks clear across there? There's a park there with a marina and little store. All the parks around this reservoir are for day use only. Here's some info on the reservoir...

How long is Lucky Peak Reservoir? The reservoir is 12 miles long.

How much shoreline is there on the Reservoir? There are 45 miles of shoreline, most only accessible by watercraft.

How deep is the Reservoir? When full, it is 258 feet.

The high desert here is turning green and just coming into full bloom . We had a record rainfall this May, highest ever recorded. Though rain was much needed, I believe we are still in a drought here.

Water level at full capacity.

Looking back, towards Boise at the Boise River, above the dam.

Leaving the reservoir, we came upon an Amphicar! Check it out! It's a land and water car. This couple had pulled out in front of us on our way home, dripping water from it's tail end. I wish we had seen it in the water, and coming out of the water... that would have been cool!

See the water propellers underneath? This was just too cool!

New Beginnings...

Molly had her puppies Friday night while we were out to dinner. We had just given our first of Lucy's pups away before going to dinner and came home to more! This was May 20th. By that Sunday morning, one of the little ones passed away.

Molly's girls at two weeks old, Friday, June 3rd.

Tawny, the first to go to her new home... She is going to be spoiled rotten by these two! And, they've requested to buy one of Molly's babies so that Tawny will have a sister!

Lily, second to go to her new home. Lily joined her family of four kids, last Saturday afternoon. They do not have any other pets and plan to get another Yorkie from us next year.

Bailey, left Memorial Day afternoon. Bailey is joining a housefull of boys and Abby, their one year old Yorkie.

And Sadie, last but not least... We are keeping her! Sadie comes to work with me and gets to visit with our patients everyday. Sadie, at nine weeks old, weighs just two pounds. A bundle of fur and joy. The patients love her. I'm told over and over again how Sadie has just made our patients' day.


sylvia said...

Your photo's are awesome and those pups are so cuddly. Thanks.
Comment from sylviam4000 - 6/5/05 1:02 PM

kath said...

Great pics!
Comment from dklars - 6/5/05 1:30 PM

nettie said...

aww kinda sad to see the pups go, but looks like they will all have great homes....your first photo, with the water is breathtaking!

Comment from cneinhorn - 6/5/05 2:16 PM

stacy said...

Fantastic pics!!!!!! Your pups are too cute!

Comment from djzgirl71 - 6/5/05 2:20 PM

becky said...

Nice to hear from you...great to see the pups off to new homes...and more pups! That boat/car is sooo cool!
Comment from ryanagi - 6/5/05 5:08 PM

nancy said...

First off, your reservoir pix are better than MY reservoir pics! :P !! Seriously, these photos are just beautiful.... And for the pups....geez!! Just pull my heart out, why don't ya? Nancy
Comment from nhd106 - 6/6/05 6:55 AM

windy said...

I love your pictures!
Comment from windascoop6 - 6/6/05 6:55 PM

demandnlilchit said...

your pups and your pictures are just precious!
Comment from demandnlilchit - 6/8/05 6:17 AM

pamela said...

What absolutely beautiful pictures. You really have a great eye!
Comment from mygr8creatures - 6/8/05 11:53 AM

lisa said...

Great photos! Thanks for sharing! The dogs and pups are precious! Loved seeing the water/car thingy! Wouldn't that be cool to see operate! Lisa
Comment from cw2smom - 6/8/05 3:32 PM

sonya said...

Oh, I think it is awesome to have Sadie go to work with you and I know if I were a patient I would look forward to her visit.
What an awesome professional looking entry this was. Your photos are always so clear and nice and tell a story.
Thanks for sharing the pics of puppies with their new owners. Looking forward to seeing the next round of Yorkies grow up. I especially like hearing about their personalities like you did one entry. That was cute and just made me fall in love with them. Sadie is special and I'm glad you kept her. Take care.
Comment from bookncoffee - 6/9/05 6:53 AM

monica said...

Awwww, you don't know happy it made me to hear that Sadie is staying with you and goes to visit patients - she has a very important role. I love that picture of Lily and the young boy - great shot.


Comment from sonensmilinmon - 6/9/05 1:12 PM

linda said...

Awwww those puppies are so cute! Linda
Comment from naturegirlfromny - 6/11/05 4:32 AM

judi said...

what a wonderful entry and pictures!!!!!! Beautiful and sweet puppies!!!! xoxoxox, judi
Comment from judithheartsong - 6/11/05 6:26 AM

rose said...

What a wonderful area - beautiful heartphotos and thoughts here!
Wishing you the best and Happy AOL Journals 2nd Anniversary!
It has been a pleasure to visit your J-Blog this summer eve! _rRose
Comment from rrveh1 - 8/1/05 8:59 PM