Monday, June 27, 2005

Sadie, Babies and Things...

Sadie showing the babies, her little sisters, how to pose perfectly for the camera. See how intently the babies are listening to Sadie?

Sadie says, "See, this is how you pose perfectly for the camera." Now 13 weeks old, Sadie is full of spice. What a character! She chases the other dogs all over the yard, plays tug, comes when I call her, and cuddles on command. Oh, and she's found her voice. She's not shy about letting us know when she wants something.

Are these puppies cute or what!? And, they posed perfectly for the camera. At five weeks old, Maggie and Lacey, are just starting to come out of their shells. They play and growl and bark, little tiny barks, and rassle with the big dogs. They are just too cute.

So... What's a gal do with some of the money she made from selling a few puppies? Yep, that's right. She purchases a carpet shampooer! Needless to say, after puppy-rearing, my carpets are shot! My guy has been looking at these machines for a couple of years. I prefer to call the local professionals to come in and do the job for me. He tells me, "...we should buy on of these, think of the money we'd save..." My response has always been, "...but then I'd have to do all the work..." Sure enough.

I planned to have company this weekend, so I called the local professionals to come out Saturday morning before my company would arrive. But, coming to my senses, I just couldn't spend another $120 to have the carpets cleaned by someone else when we have this brand new machine. I canceled my appointment and got out the monster. My son showed me all the ins and outs of using this machine. After SIX HOURS, my carpets were spotless! I am SO sore! Six hours! ARGH! But, I have to admit, this machine did an excellent job on my carpets! By the time I finished, my daughter was due to arrive within the hour...


hope4meeeee said...

Comment from hope4meeeee - 6/27/05 2:14 AM

helen said...

Those are really cute babies. Looks like Sadie taught them well LOL. I would like to have a carpet cleaner but theres no way with this back of mine so messed up. I could never use one. Helen
Comment from madcobug - 6/27/05 5:56 AM

kath said...

the babies are tooooo cute, as is Sadie!
Comment from dklars - 6/27/05 6:59 AM

carolyn said...


Comment from shelt28 - 6/27/05 7:49 AM

donna said...

Your furbabies are sooooo precious!!! What a great looking shampooer! What brand is it? I have one, but it's almost worn out lol. Hope you had a nice visit with your daughter Ü.

Hugs, Donna
Comment from donnathomas42 - 6/27/05 1:07 PM

astaryth said...

Sadie should be a model... what a little camera bug! The little fubabies are adorable also. Just stopping by to get my 'cute' fix (LOL)
Comment from astaryth - 6/27/05 5:54 PM

lisa said...

Toooo cute! What an expression on Sadie! Lisa
Comment from cw2smom - 6/27/05 9:58 PM

jae said...

Darling little girls! We just had our carpets cleaned yesterday, too! I wan to get a shampooer...not so much to save money, but to keep up on the smell from having three dogs in the house! JAE
Comment from yakima127 - 6/28/05 9:39 AM

ari said...

I only have one yorkie and my living room carpet is shot. Six hours? Yeah, I know the feeling. I started shampooing mine last week, but quit. My shampooer is still sitting in there, hoping I'll change my mind.

Is it weird that I bought my dog Green Apple scented shampoo and now pick her up and sniff her whenever I get the chance? She smells soooooooooo good. :D

Comment from mechants - 6/28/05 12:44 PM

deborah said...

Your dogs are sssooooooo cute! Hope you like your carpet cleaner. I have the same one you do. They do a great job, and as you found out...its back breaking work. Hope you enjoy your daughters visit. ~Deborah
Comment from kokoapuffy1 - 6/28/05 1:32 PM

sonya said...

Oh we have one like this or at least similar. Hubby does all the shampooing. I keep asking him to show me but I think he likes doing it.
Comment from bookncoffee - 7/4/05 9:59 AM