Sunday, October 02, 2005

October Begins

October ~ Breast Cancer
Awareness Month

My mom is in her third week of radiation treatments for breast cancer, and seems to be tolerating the treatments okay. She has another three weeks of these treatments to go.

Last weekend was my mom's 65th birthday. My dad wanted my son and I to join them at dinner out to celebrate. We met them at the restaurant of her choice, bringing her a beautiful, pink with roses, gift bag full of special items, just for her. She seemed mildly surprised to be receiving gifts, and was almost too embarrassed to open them in front of the strangers of the restaurant.

From all of the chemo and radiation treatments she's received so far, her skin has dried out terribly and her nails have discolored and curled in. Of course, she's lost all her hair and now wears a wig which looks as natural as her own hair.

So, self pampering items from shower gels, body lotions, to pedicure sets with mint fizzies to soak her feet in, nail polish, and a light pale pink lipstick and liner to match, were all in her gift bag. She may not be able to use the lotions until after she finishes with the radiation treatments, as her skin is very tender and vulnerable right now. But, she'll be ready for them when the treatments end. She couldn't wait to use her pedicure set and have my dad help with her toenail polish.

Dinner was wonderful. The manager and assistant manager have become personal friends of my parents and stopped by our table frequently to make sure we were treated like royalty and our food was perfect. In the end, our tummies were full and we all had a really good time together.

Taken today, the photo above is a rose from my garden.


ari said...

That's a very pretty rose. I sure do hope she gets through it okay. Sounds like a wonderful dinner.

Big hugs,

Comment from mechants - 10/2/05 9:28 PM

stephanie said...

Hi Cheryl,
It sounds like your mom is doing okay. She is lucky to have you to pamper her at this time. She will think of you each time she uses her lipstick and lotions. Pedicures are very therapeutic. Your rose is absolutely beautiful, it is like I am standing in your garden!
Take care,
Comment from stphnf3 - 10/2/05 10:13 PM

val said...

What a beautifully perfect rose. I can almost smell it from here it is so gorgeous! What sweet gifts you gave your Mom. I am sure she is tickled by them. You're a sweet daughter !
Comment from levi1023 - 10/2/05 10:40 PM

lahoma said...

That photo is beautiful!! Wishing your Mom well.

God Bless

Comment from mzgoochi - 10/3/05 2:03 AM

linda said...

God bless your Mom, I like your rose! Linda
Comment from naturegirlfromny - 10/3/05 4:46 AM

rollinghillsides said...

wow, could a pink rose be any more beautiful than that? I don't think so! Wishing your mother well, my daughter was going through same treatment as your mom two years ago at age 43. She's doing fine now, is living life to its very fullest! Have a nice week ....
Comment from rollinghillsides - 10/3/05 5:07 AM

rhonda said...

What a beautiful rose. Your mom is lucky to have all of you for support - best wishes to her. Rhonda
Comment from rgwindland - 10/3/05 6:04 AM

ryanagi said...

great idea for your mom's gifts...hope she come thru her treatments with flying colors!
Comment from ryanagi - 10/3/05 8:33 AM

thefaircolleen said...

Wishing your Mum all the love and best wishes from the u.k. . the rose is beautiful.
Comment from thefaircolleen - 10/3/05 2:52 PM

sylvia said...

Sending get well soon wishes for your mum. Beautiful photo.
Comment from sylviam4000 - 10/3/05 3:07 PM

bookncoffee said...

Hi there...Beautiful Rose...I know your Mom appreciates your being around while she goes thru all of this....glad you all had a nice birthday celebration.

Thanks for helping me last night. Made the frustration factor turn into fun and I appreciate it...
It works, yippeee!
Comment from bookncoffee - 10/3/05 5:27 PM

derasta said...

What a beautiful picture...
Comment from derasta - 10/4/05 2:28 PM