Monday, October 17, 2005

Perfect Weekend

This past weekend was absolutely gorgeous here in the Boise area. I had to get out and get some of this fresh air and, of course, photos.
Just a few miles up the road from my home is the Boise River, where I always find I can air the cobwebs of my mind and refresh my inner soul.
While walking along the path that follows the river, I found a summer swing hanging from high above the river. I wished I had been there a month or so ago, on a hot summer day when the kids were jumping from this swing into the river. It must have been great fun.The Boise River has been a great challenge for me in the fishing department. All the years I've fished this river, I have never had one catch. I think I'll stick to enjoying the beauty of the scenery and leave the fishing to Rebecca.


cyndygee said...

Man, these photos are just beautiful . . . and I LOVE the pic of your Yorkie . . . I've got 2 Schnauzers and a Maltese . . . my BABIES! LOL.
Comment from cyndygee - 10/17/05 11:01 PM

helen said...

The trees and river are beautiful. Helen
Comment from madcobug - 10/18/05 2:24 AM

sylviam4000 said...

These pictures are just wonderful. Thanks.
Comment from sylviam4000 - 10/18/05 3:03 AM

ari said...

Don't give up! One day you'll catch a fish! Use chicken livers as bait, fishies love it. Great pictures, very beautiful up there.

Comment from mechants - 10/18/05 6:39 AM

kath said...

Your pictures look like post cards!
Comment from dklars - 10/18/05 6:43 AM

rebecca said...

There's our beautiful Boise River! You've captured it perfectly. There are great fish to be caught from that river, my best ever was a 23 inch German Brown Trout. Those monsters can be caught in the waters above BSU.
Again, thank you for showing the journal world our beautiful city and river that runs through it!
Comment from justaname4me2 - 10/18/05 9:14 AM

derasta said...

These pictures are absolutely amazing! How blessed you are to live somewhere so beautiful...I can easily lose myself in these pictures....
Comment from derasta - 10/18/05 10:21 AM

becky said...

Sigh...lovely! The trees here look so sad. We had 2 solid weeks of heavy rain. The leaves never had a chance.
Comment from ryanagi - 10/18/05 2:06 PM

judith said...

The beauty in these photographs is mesmerizing! It's exactly as I imagined: pristine, lovely, and picture perfect! Makes me want to just jump in there and be a part of it. What a treat for this Dallasite to see a glimpse of your seasons changing.
Comment from jtuwliens - 10/18/05 4:22 PM

rhonda said...

What a beautiful place! It must be wonderful to live there! It take's something special to be able to enjoy the beauty around you - I think we really take that for granted sometimes. Rhonda
Comment from rgwindland - 10/18/05 5:32 PM

bookncoffee said...

Beautiful photos....maybe you should try fishing again! I like to fish but no one that I am close to does it...Looks like the leaves are turning faster there.
Comment from bookncoffee - 10/18/05 8:42 PM

levi1023 said...

Wow! What gorgeous shots you got! As breathtaking it is in the photos, I can just imagine what it was like in real life.
Comment from levi1023 - 10/18/05 10:45 PM

gypsy said...

Absolutely beautiful photos!

Comment from gypsyjjezebelle - 10/19/05 12:26 AM

deborah said...

These are beautiful photo's. It's fun seeing the fall colors in everyone's journals. Would rather take photo's than fish. lol. Thanks for sharing the beauty of Idaho. ~Deborah
Comment from kokoapuffy1 - 10/19/05 6:12 AM

upseted said...

Very nice shots -- such a pretty area, too!
Comment from upseted - 10/19/05 7:13 AM

susan said...

Thanks for visiting my journal. I thought I would visit yours since you were nice enough to visit mine. :) Autumn is my favorite season. I love your photos. The 2nd one is my favorite, although they all are very good. I hope to post some Autumn photos soon of the time I spent in Colorado.

Comment from rjet33 - 10/19/05 11:52 AM

skisseberth said...

Awesome pics ! Thanks for sharing !
Comment from skisseberth - 10/19/05 3:52 PM

sarshep said...

I love your photos - they make me want to stroll down those paths and sit by the river! And thanks for visiting my journal :-)
Comment from sarshep - 10/19/05 5:03 PM

tess said...

Thanks for that touch of Fall!
Comment from tc01hm - 10/20/05 7:36 AM

mavarin said...

Wow! I love the reflected colors in the water! - Karen
Comment from mavarin - 10/21/05 12:36 AM

dee said...

HI there~Sorry been ahwile...Your Fall photos are stunningly beautiful! TY for showing us...Makes me wanna be in Idaho too (for a minutre anyhow--heeee)
Blessings, Sassy ;-)

chris said...

Fall is definitely here:)

Comment from swibirun - 10/22/05 2:31 PM

dona said...

Everyday as I look around I remember why I love living here. North or south, there is no other place like it.
Comment from delela1 - 10/23/05 8:57 AM

marie said...

love the bottom photo!!
Comment from mariebm56 - 10/23/05 9:07 AM

thefaircolleen said...

Beautiful. . just beautiful.
Comment from thefaircolleen - 10/24/05 9:02 AM

sieblonde said...

Wow, it's gorgeous up there. ~Sie
Comment from sieblonde - 10/25/05 6:40 AM

pnkgorillas16 said...

its breath taking!

Comment from pnkgorillas16 - 10/30/05 6:18 AM