Saturday, October 08, 2005


...more roses from my yard.


madcobug said...

That is so pretty. The light is hitting it just right to make some of the petals look translucent. Helen
Comment from madcobug - 10/8/05 3:40 PM

sylvia said...

Pretty in Pink. Myfavourite colour alongside lavender. The perfumes too are wonderful.
Comment from sylviam4000 - 10/8/05 4:26 PM

redpoppy007 said...

Comment from redpoppy007 - 10/8/05 8:13 PM

seiblonde said...

Beautiful. I hope to graduate to roses next year. Let's see if the plain ole bushes make it first ~Sie
Comment from sieblonde - 10/8/05 10:10 PM

hope4meeeee said...

Comment from hope4meeeee - 10/9/05 2:31 AM

ari said...

Wow very pretty. I wish I could get mine to look that lovely.

Comment from mechants - 10/9/05 1:15 PM

psychfun said...

Comment from psychfun - 10/9/05 10:43 PM

judi said...

beautiful!!!! judi
Comment from judithheartsong - 10/11/05 1:29 PM

linda said...

Beautiful Rose!!! Great idea of pink in your journal to honor breast cancer awareness month...
Linda :)
Comment from fasttrack58 - 10/12/05 12:20 AM

kath said...

Lovely photo and a nice idea. Kath
Comment from lifeseensideways - 10/13/05 3:29 AM

Deanna Johnson said...

What a beautiful flower and photo. Thanx for sharing. Deanna Johnson
Comment from jcrazytrain - 10/16/05 1:58 PM

judith said...

A breathtakingly beautiful photograph!
Comment from jtuwliens - 10/18/05 4:25 PM

sarshep said...

Great photo, and a beautiful rose. It's such a pretty, delicate shade of pink.
Comment from sarshep - 10/19/05 5:05 PM